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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004A simple plan - cnidarians and the origins of developmental mechanismsBall, E.; Hayward, D.; Saint, R.; Miller, D.
2000The grapes checkpoint coordinates nuclear envelope breakdown and chromosome condensationYu, K.; Saint, R.; Sullivan, W.
2003EST analysis of the Cnidarian Acropora millepora reveals extensive gene loss and rapid sequence divergence in the model invertebratesKortschak, R.; Samuel, G.; Saint, R.; Miller, D.
2002Localized expression of a dpp/BMP2/4 ortholog in a coral embryoHayward, D.; Samuel, G.; Pontynen, P.; Catmull, J.; Saint, R.; Miller, D.; Ball, E.
2000Untying the Gordian knot of cytokinesis: role of small G proteins and their regulatorsProkopenko, S.; Saint, R.; Bellen, H.
2005Maintenance of ancestral complexity and non-metazoan genes in two basal cnidariansTechnau, U.; Rudd, S.; Maxwell, P.; Gordon, P.; Saina, M.; Grasso, L.; Hayward, D.; Sensen, C.; Saint, R.; Holstein, T.; Ball, E.; Miller, D.
2001Polycomblike PHD Fingers Mediate Conserved Interaction with Enhancer of Zeste ProteinO'Connell, S.; Wang, L.; Robert, S.; Jones, C.; Saint, R.; Jones, R.
2001Conservation of a DPP/BMP signaling pathway in the nonbilateral cnidarian Acropora milleporaSamuel, G.; Miller, D.; Saint, R.
2000Receptor tyrosine kinase signaling regulates different modes of Groucho-dependent control of DorsalHader, T.; Wainwright, D.; Shandala, T.; Saint, R.; Taubert, H.; Bronner, G.; Jackle, H.
2004A genetic screen for dominant modifiers of a cyclin E hypomorphic mutation identifies novel regulators of S-Phase entry in DrosophilaBrumby, A.; Secombe, J.; Horsfield, J.; Coombe, M.; Amin, N.; Coates, D.; Saint, R.; Richardson, H.