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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001The forensic application of allozyme electrophoresis to the identification of blowfly larvae (Diptera : Calliphoridae) in southern AustraliaWallman, J.; Adams, M.
2008A new species of Australian freetail bat Mormopterus eleryi sp nov (Chiroptera : Molossidae) and a taxonomic reappraisal of M. norfolkensis (Gray)Reardon, T.; Adams, M.; McKenzie, N.; Jenkins, P.
2010Phylogeographic structure in the threatened Yarra pygmy perch Nannoperca obscura (Teleostei: Percichthyidae) has major implications for declining populationsHammer, M.; Unmack, P.; Adams, M.; Johnson, J.; Walker, K.
2009Cryptic diversity in vertebrates: molecular data double estimates of species diversity in a radiation of Australian lizards (Diplodactylus, Gekkota)Oliver, P.; Adams, M.; Lee, M.; Hutchinson, M.; Doughty, P.
2003The Australian scincid lizard Menetia Greyii: A new instance of widespread vertebrate parthenogenesisAdams, M.; Foster, R.; Hutchinson, M.; Hutchinson, R.; Donnellan, S.
2007Genetic elucidation of cryptic and ancient diversity in a group of Australian diplodactyline geckos: The Diplodactylus vittatus complexOliver, P.; Hugall, A.; Adams, M.; Cooper, S.; Hutchinson, M.
2010Molecular evidence for ten species and Oligo-Miocene vicariance within a nominal Australian gecko species (Crenadactylus ocellatus, Diplodactylidae)Oliver, P.; Adams, M.; Doughty, P.
2006Genetic variation and taxonomy of the Ctenotus brooksi species-complex (Squamata : Scincidae)Hutchinson, M.; Adams, M.; Fricker, S.