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2006Mass cetacean strandings - a plea for empiricismBradshaw, C.; Evans, K.; Hindell, M.
2005Chemical immobilisation of wild banteng (Bos javanicus) in northern Australia using detomidine tiletamine and zolazepamBradshaw, C.; Traill, L.; Wertz, K.; White, W.; Gurry, I.
2016Where to dig for fossils: combining climate-envelope, taphonomy and discovery modelsBlock, S.; Saltre, F.; Rodriguez-Rey, M.; Fordham, D.; Unkel, I.; Bradshaw, C.; Wilf, P.
2009Shifting trends: detecting environmentally mediated regulation in long-lived marine vertebrates using time-series dataMcMahon, C.; Bester, M.; Hindell, M.; Brook, B.; Bradshaw, C.
2011Turning Pests into profits: Introduced buffalo provide multiple benefits to indigenous people of northern AustraliaCollier, N.; Austin, B.; Bradshaw, C.; McMahon, C.
2012Experimental comparison of aerial larvicides and habitat modification for controlling disease-carrying Aedes vigilax mosquitoesde Little, S.; Williamson, G.; Bowman, D.; Whelan, P.; Brook, B.; Bradshaw, C.
2008Decline in whale shark size and abundance at Ningaloo Reef over the past decade: The world's largest fish is getting smallerBradshaw, C.; Fitzpatrick, B.; Steinberg, C.; Brook, B.; Meekan, M.
2011Seaweed communities in retreat from ocean warmingWernberg-Moller, T.; Russell, B.; Thomsen, M.; Gurgel, C.; Bradshaw, C.; Poloczanska, E.; Connell, S.
2009Convergence of Culture, Ecology, and Ethics: Management of Feral Swamp Buffalo in Northern AustraliaAlbrecht, A.; McMahon, C.; Bowman, D.; Bradshaw, C.
2007Inferring population trends for the world's largest fish from mark-recapture estimates of survivalBradshaw, C.; Mollet, H.; Meekan, M.