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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Explaining the Pleistocene megafaunal extinctions: Models, chronologies, and assumptionsBrook, B.; Bowman, D.
2007Modelling to forestall extinction of Australian tropical birdsGarnett, S.; Brook, B.
2009Shifting trends: detecting environmentally mediated regulation in long-lived marine vertebrates using time-series dataMcMahon, C.; Bester, M.; Hindell, M.; Brook, B.; Bradshaw, C.
2012Experimental comparison of aerial larvicides and habitat modification for controlling disease-carrying Aedes vigilax mosquitoesde Little, S.; Williamson, G.; Bowman, D.; Whelan, P.; Brook, B.; Bradshaw, C.
2008Decline in whale shark size and abundance at Ningaloo Reef over the past decade: The world's largest fish is getting smallerBradshaw, C.; Fitzpatrick, B.; Steinberg, C.; Brook, B.; Meekan, M.
2006Conservationh Value of Non-Native Banteng in Northern AustraliaBradshaw, C.; Isagi, Y.; Kaneko, S.; Bowman, M.; Brook, B.
2006Short overlap of humans and megafauna in Pleistocene AustraliaGillespie, R.; Brook, B.; Baynes, A.
2009Predicting the timing and magnitude of tropical mosquito population peaks for maximizing control efficiencyYang, G.; Brook, B.; Bradshaw, C.; Zhou, X.-N.
2006Incorporating known sources of uncertainty to determine precautionary harvests of saltwater crocodilesBradshaw, C.; Fukuda, Y.; Letnic, M.; Brook, B.
2008Endogenous and exogenous factors controlling temporal abundance patterns of tropical mosquitosYang, G.; Brook, B.; Whelan, P.; Cleland, S.; Bradshaw, C.