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2002A constitutively active dioxin/aryl hydrocarbon receptor induces stomach tumorsAndersson, P.; McGuire, J.; Rubio, C.; Gradin, K.; Whitelaw, M.; Pettersson, S.; Hanberg, A.; Poellinger, L.
2006Persistent Expression of Notch2 Delays Gonadotrope DifferentiationRaetzman, L.; Wheeler, B.; Ross, S.; Thomas, P.; Camper, S.
2012A Combination of Local Inflammation and Central Memory T Cells Potentiates Immunotherapy in the SkinFiorenza, S.; Kenna, T.; Comerford, I.; McColl, S.; Steptoe, R.; Leggatt, G.; Frazer, I.
2013Sphingosine-1-phosphate-induced nociceptor excitation and ongoing pain behavior in mice and humans is largely mediated by S1P3 receptorCamprubí-Robles, M.; Mair, N.; Andratsch, M.; Benetti, C.; Beroukas, D.; Rukwied, R.; Langeslag, M.; Proia, R.L.; Schmelz, M.; Ferrer Montiel, A.V.; Haberberger, R.V.; Kress, M.
2020SMOC1 is a glucose-responsive hepatokine and therapeutic target for glycemic controlMontgomery, M.K.; Bayliss, J.; Devereux, C.; Bezawork-Geleta, A.; Roberts, D.; Huang, C.; Schittenhelm, R.B.; Ryan, A.; Townley, S.L.; Selth, L.A.; Biden, T.J.; Steinberg, G.R.; Samocha-Bonet, D.; Meex, R.C.R.; Watt, M.J.
2021CD4⁺ T cell immunity to Salmonella is transient in the circulationPeres, N.G.; Wang, N.; Whitney, P.; Engel, S.; Shreenivas, M.M.; Comerford, I.; Hocking, D.M.; Erazo, A.B.; Förster, I.; Kupz, A.; Gebhardt, T.; McColl, S.R.; McSorley, S.J.; Bedoui, S.; Strugnell, R.A.; Monack, D.M.
2000Microcystins (cyanobacterial toxins) in drinking water enhance the growth of aberrant crypt foci in the mouse colonHumpage, A.; Hardy, S.; Bradford, E.; Froscio, S.; Falconer, I.
2010Cytoxic T cells are the predominant players providing cross-protective immunity induced by y-irradiated influenza A virusesFuruya, Y.; Chan, J.; Regner, M.; Lobigs, M.; Koskinen, A.; Kok, T.; Manavis, J.; Li, P.; Mullbacher, A.; Alsharifi, M.
2009Chromosome Y variants from different inbred mouse strains are linked to differences in the morphologic and molecular responses of cardiac cells to postpubertal testosteroneLlamas, B.; Verdugo, R.; Churchill, G.; Deschepper, C.
2010The atypical chemokine receptor CCX-CKR scavenges homeostatic chemokines in circulation and tissues and suppresses Th17 responsesComerford, I.; Nibbs, R.; Litchfield, W.; Bunting, M.; Harata-Lee, Y.; Haylock-Jacobs, S.; Forrow, S.; Korner, H.; McColl, S.