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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Genomic organization, annotation, and ligand-receptor inferences of chicken chemokines and chemokine receptor genes based on comparative genomicsWang, J.; Adelson, D.; Yilmaz, A.; Sze, S.; Jin, Y.; Zhu, J.
2007Galectin 15 (LGALS15): A gene uniquely expressed in the uteri of sheep and goats that functions in trophoblast attachmentLewis, S.; Farmer, J.; Burghardt, R.; Newton, G.; Johnson, G.; Adelson, D.; Bazer, F.; Spencer, T.
2004Discovery and characterization of an epithelial-specific galectin in the endometrium that forms crystals in the trophectodermGray, C.; Adelson, D.; Bazer, F.; Burghardt, R.; Meeusen, E.; Spencer, T.
2004Glycogen branching enzyme (GBE1) mutation causing equine glycogen storage disease IVWard, T.; Valberg, S.; Adelson, D.; Abbey, C.; Binns, M.; Mickelson, J.
2009Genome sequence, comparative analysis, and population genetics of the domestic horseWade, C.; Giulotto, E.; Sigurdsson, S.; Zoli, M.; Gnerre, S.; Imsland, F.; Lear, T.; Adelson, D.; Bailey, E.; Bellone, R.; Blocker, H.; Distl, O.; Edgar, R.; Garber, M.; Leeb, T.; Mauceli, E.; Macleod, J.; PENEDO, M.; Raison, J.; Sharpe, T.; et al.
2007A physical map of the bovine genomeSnelling, W.; Chiu, R.; Schein, J.; Hobbs, M.; Abbey, C.; Adelson, D.; Aerts, J.; Bennett, G.; Bosdet, I.; Boussaha, M.; Brauning, R.; Caetano, A.; Costa, M.; Crawford, A.; Dalrymple, B.; Eggen, A.; Everts-van der Wind, A.; Floriot, S.; Gautier, M.; Gill, C.; et al.
2007A chromosome inversion near the KIT gene and the Tobiano spotting pattern in horsesBrooks, S.; Lear, T.; Adelson, D.; Bailey, E.
2012Bovine ncRNAs are abundant, primarily intergenic, conserved and associated with regulatory genesQu, Z.; Adelson, D.; Mariño-Ramírez, L.