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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Variation among 532 genomes unveils the origin and evolutionary history of a global insect herbivoreYou, M.; Ke, F.; You, S.; Wu, Z.; Liu, Q.; He, W.; Baxter, S.W.; Yuchi, Z.; Vasseur, L.; Gurr, G.M.; Ward, C.M.; Cerda, H.; Yang, G.; Peng, L.; Jin, Y.; Xie, M.; Cai, L.; Douglas, C.J.; Isman, M.B.; Goettel, M.S.; et al.
2020Evolutionary history and past climate change shape the distribution of genetic diversity in terrestrial mammalsTheodoridis, S.; Fordham, D.A.; Brown, S.C.; Li, S.; Rahbek, C.; Nogues-Bravo, D.
2021Effectiveness of decontamination protocols when analyzing ancient DNA preserved in dental calculusFarrer, A.G.; Wright, S.L.; Skelly, E.; Eisenhofer, R.; Dobney, K.; Weyrich, L.S.
2021Continental scale distribution and diversity of Ceratobasidium orchid mycorrhizal fungi in AustraliaFreestone, M.W.; Swarts, N.D.; Reiter, N.; Tomlinson, S.; Sussmilch, F.C.; Wright, M.M.; Holmes, G.D.; Phillips, R.D.; Linde, C.C.
2021Platypus and echidna genomes reveal mammalian biology and evolutionZhou, Y.; Shearwin-Whyatt, L.; Li, J.; Song, Z.; Hayakawa, T.; Stevens, D.; Fenelon, J.C.; Peel, E.; Cheng, Y.; Pajpach, F.; Bradley, N.; Suzuki, H.; Nikaido, M.; Damas, J.; Daish, T.; Perry, T.; Zhu, Z.; Geng, Y.; Rhie, A.; Sims, Y.; et al.
2021Dire wolves were the last of an ancient New World canid lineagePerri, A.R.; Mitchell, K.J.; Mouton, A.; Álvarez-Carretero, S.; Hulme-Beaman, A.; Haile, J.; Jamieson, A.; Meachen, J.; Lin, A.T.; Schubert, B.W.; Ameen, C.; Antipina, E.E.; Bover, P.; Brace, S.; Carmagnini, A.; Carøe, C.; Samaniego Castruita, J.A.; Chatters, J.C.; Dobney, K.; Dos Reis, M.; et al.
2021Development and evaluation of a custom bait design based on 469 single-copy protein-coding genes for exon capture of isopods (Philosciidae: Haloniscus)Stringer, D.; Bertozzi, T.; Meusemann, K.; Delean, J.; Guzik, M.; Tierney, S.; Mayer, C.; Cooper, S.; Zwick, A.; Austin, A.
2020Investigating the demographic history of Japan using ancient oral microbiotaEisenhofer Philipona, R.; Kanzawa-Kiriyama, H.; Shinoda, K.I.; Weyrich, L.S.