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20001/mQ corrections to the Bethe-Salpeter equation for ΛQ in the diquark pictureGuo, X.; Thomas, A.; Williams, A.
20051⁻⁺ exotic meson at light quark massesHedditch, J.; Kamleh, W.; Lasscock, B.; Leinweber, D.; Williams, A.
1999The a0(980), a0(1450) and K0*(1430) scalar decay constants and the isovector scalar spectrumMaltman, Kim
1997Abelian dominance and adjoint color sourcesPoulis, Grigorios I.
2004An Abraham-Lorentz-like equation for the electron from the worldline variational approach to QEDRosenfelder, R.; Schreiber, A.
2002Accelerated overlap fermionsKamleh, W.; Adams, D.; Leinweber, D.; Williams, A.
2002Alfvén boundary crisisChian, A.; Borotto, F.; Rempel, E.
2004An algorithm for obtaining reliable priors for constrained-curve fitsDraper, Terrence; Dong, Shao-Jing; Horvath, Ivan; Lee, Frank X.; Mathur, Nilmani; Zhang, Jian-Bo
2004Analysis of the Λp final-state interaction in the reaction p+p→K+(Λp)Hinterberger, F.; Sibirtsev, A.
1998Application of r-w Mixing in CP Violating B-DecaysThomas, A.
2003Are the contemporary financial fluctuations sooner converging to normal?Drozdz, S.; Kwapien, Jaroslaw; Grummer, F.; Ruf, F.; Speth, J.
1998Are η- and ω-nuclear states bound?Tsushima, K.; Lu, D.; Thomas, A.; Saito, K.
1999Asymptotic scaling and infrared behavior of the gluon propagatorLeinweber, D.; Skullerud, J.; Williams, A.; Parrinello, C.
2000Baryon masses from lattice QCD: Beyond the perturbative chiral regimeLeinweber, D.; Thomas, A.; Tsushima, K.; Wright, S.
2002Baryon resonance phenomenologyCloet, I.; Leinweber, D.; Thomas, A.; Workshop on Physics at the Japan Hadron Facility (2002 : Adelaide, S. Aust.)
2012Baryon resonances and hadronic interactions in a finite volumeHall, J.; Hsu, A.; Leinweber, D.; Thomas, A.; Young, R.; International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory (30th : 2012 : Cairns, Australia)
2002Baryon resonances from a novel fat-link fermion actionMelnitchouk, W.; Bilson-Thompson, S.; Bonnet, F.; Coddington, P.; Leinweber, D.; Williams, A.; Zanotti, J.; Zhang, J.; Lee, F.
2002Bethe-Salpeter equation and a nonperturbative quark-gluon vertexBender, A.; Detmold, W.; Thomas, A.; Roberts, C.
1999Bethe-Salpeter equation for heavy baryons ωQ(*) in the diquark pictureGuo, X.; Thomas, A.; Williams, A.
2000Calibration of smearing and cooling algorithms in SU(3)-color gauge theoryBonnet, F.; Fitzhenry, J.; Leinweber, D.; Stanford, M.; Williams, A.