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2021Dynamic properties of a flexible metal-organic framework exhibiting a unique “picture frame”-like crystal morphologySumida, K.; Horike, N.; Furukawa, S.
2021Catalytic partial oxidation of methane to syngas: review of perovskite catalysts and membrane reactorsElbadawi, A.H.; Ge, L.; Li, Z.; Liu, S.; Wang, S.; Zhu, Z.
2021Optical engineering of nanoporous photonic crystals by Gaussian-like pulse anodizationLiu, L.; Lim, S.Y.; Law, C.S.; Acosta, L.K.; Jin, B.; Abell, A.D.; Marsal, L.F.; Ni, G.; Santos, A.
2021Nanocarbon-based catalytic ozonation for aqueous oxidation: engineering defects for active sites and tunable reaction pathwaysWang, Y.; Duan, X.; Xie, Y.; Sun, H.; wang, S.
2020Accelerating solid diffusion and suppressing phase transition in LiV₃O₈ via calcium doping at lithium sitesXu, Y.; Wang, X.; Wang, Z.; Wang, S.; Zhu, X.; Li, D.; Yu, J.
2020Salivary small extracellular vesicles associated miRNAs in periodontal status-a pilot studyHan, P.; Bartold, P.M.; Salomon, C.; Ivanovski, S.
2020Cross-coupling of amide and amide derivatives to umbelliferone nonaflates: synthesis of coumarin derivatives and fluorescent materialsHickey, S.; Nitschke, S.; Sweetman, M.J.; Sumby, C.J.; Brooks, D.A.; Plush, S.E.; Ashton, T.D.
2020Unravelling electron transfer in peptide-cation complexes: a model for mimicking redox centres in proteinsYu, J.; Horsley, J.R.; Abell, A.D.
2020Attenuation of flightless I increases human pericyte proliferation, migration and angiogenic functions and improves healing in murine diabetic woundsThomas, H.M.; Ahangar, P.; Hofma, B.R.; Strudwick, X.L.; Fitridge, R.; Mills, S.J.; Cowin, A.J.
2020Hydrogenated dual-shell sodium titanate cubes for sodium-ion batteries with optimized ion transportationXie, F.; Zhang, L.; Jiao, Y.; Vasileff, A.; Chao, D.; Qiao, S.-.Z.
2020Electrochemical plasmonic optical fiber probe for real-time insight into coreactant electrochemiluminescenceYu, J.; Jia, P.; Wang, S.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.; Abell, A.
2020Highly active gas phase organometallic catalysis supported within metal-organic framework poresPeralta, R.A.; Huxley, M.T.; Evans, J.D.; Fallon, T.; Cao, H.; He, M.; Zhao, X.S.; Agnoli, S.; Sumby, C.J.; Doonan, C.J.
2020Bisketene equivalents as diels-alder dienesDissanayake, I.; Hart, J.D.; Becroft, E.C.; Sumby, C.J.; Newton, C.G.
20203D sprayed polyurethane functionalized graphene / carbon nanotubes hybrid architectures to enhance the piezo-resistive response of quantum resistive pressure sensorsTran, M.; Tung, T.; Sachan, A.; Losic, D.; Castro, M.; Feller, J.
2020Formulation of nanoparticles using mixing-induced nanoprecipitation for drug deliveryLiu, Y.; Yang, G.; Zou, D.; Hui, Y.; Nigam, K.; Middelberg, A.P.J.; Zhao, C.X.
2020Small-molecule modulators of toll-like receptorsWang, Y.; Zhang, S.; Li, H.; Wang, H.; Zhang, T.; Hutchinson, M.R.; Yin, H.; Wang, X.
2020Enriched pseudocapacitive lithium storage in electrochemically activated carbonaceous vanadium(iv,v) oxide hydrateFernando, J.F.S.; Siriwardena, D.P.; Firestein, K.L.; Zhang, C.; von Treifeldt, J.E.; Lewis, C.-.E.M.; Wang, T.; Dubal, D.P.; Golberg, D.
2020Collagen-functionalized electrospun smooth and porous polymeric scaffolds for the development of human skin-equivalentRavindran Girija, A.; Palaninathan, V.; Strudwick, X.; Balasubramanian, S.; Dasappan Nair, S.; Cowin, A.J.
2020Graphene-encapsulated nickel-copper bimetallic nanoparticle catalysts for electrochemical reduction of CO₂ to COXu, C.; Vasileff, A.; Jin, B.; Wang, D.; Xu, H.; Zheng, Y.; Qiao, S.-.Z.
2020Mesenchymal stem cell secretome as an emerging cell-free alternative for improving wound repairAhangar, P.; Mills, S.J.; Cowin, A.J.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1613