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1998Multiparasite communities in animals and humans: frequency, structure and pathogenic significance.Petney, Trevor; Andrews, Ross Hector
1998An electrophoretic comparison of the Australian paralysis tick, Ixodes holocyclus Neumann, 1899, with I. cornuatus Roberts, 1960 (Acari: Ixodidae)Jackson, Janey; Chilton, Neil B.; Beveridge, Ian; Morris, Michelle; Andrews, Ross Hector
1998Paradigms and expectations: the nature of research and diagnostics.Swanson, R.; Andrews, Ross Hector
1999Multilocus enzyme electrophoresis: a valuable technique for providing answers to problems in parasite systematicsAndrews, Ross Hector; Chilton, Neil B.
1999Potential of biochemical approaches to identify Cryptosporidium.Andrews, Ross Hector; Chilton, Neil B.
1997Genetic reltionship among isolates of Helicobacter pylori: evidence for the existence of a Helicobacter pylori species-complexHazell, Stuart L.; Andrews, Ross Hector; Mitchell, Hazel M.; Daskalopoulous, George
1995Relationships withing the Rugopharynx delta species complex (Nematoda: Strongyloidea) from Australian marsupials inferred from allozyme electrophoresisBeveridge, Ian; Chilton, Neil B.; Andrews, Ross Hector
1997Beyond the 20th centuryAndrews, Ross Hector; Australian and New Zealand Societies for parasitology Scientific Meeting (1995 : Adelaide, South Australia)
1997An Electrophoretic Analysis of Patterns of Speciation in Cloacina clarkae, C. communis, C. petrogale and C. similis (Nematoda: Strongyloidea) from Macropodid MarsupialsChilton, Neil B.; Beveridge, Ian; Andrews, Ross Hector
1996Genetic evidence for a complex of species within Rugopharynx australis (Mönnig, 1926) (Nematoda: Strongyloidea) from macropodid marsupialsChilton, Neil B.; Andrews, Ross Hector; Beveridge, Ian