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2019Waveshape distortion of high frequency acoustic waves in gas mediaBennett, H.; Cazzolato, B.; Huang, D.; Zander, A.
2019Characteristics of swirling and precessing flows generated by multiple confined jetsLong, S.; Lau, T.; Chinnici, A.; Tian, Z.; Dally, B.; Nathan, G.
2019Photocatalytic conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to valuable productsLiu, X.; Duan, X.; Wei, W.; Wang, S.; Ni, B.
2019Second-order harmonic generation of Lamb wave in prestressed platesYang, Y.; Ng, C.; Kotousov, A.
2019Optimum reductants ratio for CO₂ reduction by overlapped Cu/TiO₂Nishimura, A.; Toyoda, R.; Tatematsu, D.; Hirota, M.; Koshio, A.; Kokai, F.; Hu, E.
2019Optimum molar ratio of H₂ and H₂O to reduce CO₂ using Pd/TiO₂Nishimura, A.; Inoue, T.; Sakakibara, Y.; Hirota, M.; Koshio, A.; Kokai, F.; Hu, E.
2019Optimization potentials for the waste heat recovery of a gas-steam combined cycle power plant based on absorption heat pumpZhang, H.; Zhao, H.; Li, Z.; Hu, E.
2019Pool boiling under the magnetic environment: experimental study on the role of magnetism in particulate fouling and bubbling of iron oxide/ethylene glycol nano-suspensionArya, H.; Sarafraz, M.; Arjomandi, M.
2019Heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of MgO nanofluid in a double pipe heat exchangerArya, H.; Sarafraz, M.; Pourmehran, O.; Arjomandi, M.
2019The thermo-chemical potential liquid chemical looping gasification with bismuth oxideSarafraz, M.; Jafarian, M.; Arjomandi, M.; Nathan, G.
2019Fluid and heat transfer characteristics of aqueous graphene nanoplatelet (GNP) nanofluid in a microchannelSarafraz, M.; Yang, B.; Pourmehran, O.; Arjomandi, M.; Ghomashchi, R.
2019Experimental investigation of the reduction of liquid bismuth oxide with graphiteSarafraz, M.; Jafarian, M.; Arjomandi, M.; Nathan, G.
2019Heat transfer of oil/MWCNT nanofluid jet injection inside a rectangular microchannelJalali, E.; Akbari, O.; Sarafraz, M.; Abbas, T.; Safaei, M.
2019Using novel integrated Maisotsenko cooler and absorption chiller for cooling of gas turbine inlet airSadighiDizaji, H.; Hu, E.; Chen, L.; Pourhedayat, S.
2019Strategies for engineering phonon transport in Heusler thermoelectric compoundsHooshmand Zaferani, S.; Ghomashchi, R.; Vashaee, D.
2019Micro-slurry jet for surface processing of dental ceramicsBaba, T.; Nakashima, Y.; Takahashi, S.; Matsubara, T.; Yin, L.; Nakanishi, Y.
2019Global dynamics of fluid conveying nanotubesGhayesh, M.; Farokhi, H.; Farajpour, A.
2019Vertical axis wind turbine types, efficiencies, and structural stability - A reviewRehman, S.; Rafique, M.; Alam, M.; Alhems, L.
2019Experimental assessment of copper oxide for liquid chemical looping for thermal energy storageSilakhori, M.; Jafarian, M.; Arjomandi, M.; Nathan, G.
2019Fatigue resistance of nanotwinned high-entropy alloy filmsHuo, W.; Fang, F.; Liu, X.; Tan, S.; Xie, Z.; Jiang, J.