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2009Hypertension and atrial fibrillation: a long term study of remodeling in a conscious ovine modelLau, D.H.; Mackenzie, L.; Kelly, D.J.; Psaltis, P.J.; Worthington, M.; Rajendram, A.; Kelly, D.R.; Kuklik, P.; Nelson, A.J.; Zhang, Y.; Brooks, A.G.; Worthley, S.G.; Saint, D.A.; Rao, M.; Edwards, J.; Sanders, P.; 82nd Scientific Session of the American Heart Association (14 Nov 2009 - 18 Nov 2009 : Orlando, FL)
2009Moderate daily exercise activates metabolic flexibility to prevent prenatally induced obesityMiles, J.; Huber, K.; Thompson, N.; Davison, M.; Breier, B.
2009Prenatally Induced Changes in Muscle Structure and Metabolic Function Facilitate Exercise-Induced Obesity PreventionHuber, K.; Miles, J.; Norman, A.; Thompson, N.; Davison, M.; Breier, B.
2009Irinotecan-induced mucositis manifesting as diarrhoea corresponds with an amended intestinal flora and mucin profileStringer, A.; Gibson, R.; Bowen, J.; Logan, R.; Ashton, K.; Yeoh, A.; Al-Dasooqi, N.; Keefe, D.
2009Qantas' Jetstar initiative-a transformational investmentDowning, K.; Griggs, W.; Retnam, J.; Rice, J.
2009Prenatally undernourished rats show increased preference for wheel running v. lever pressing for food in a choice taskMiles, J.; Landon, J.; Davison, M.; Krageloh, C.; Thompson, N.; Triggs, C.; Breier, B.
2009Differential actions of adenosine A₁ and A₂A antagonists on the effort-related effects of dopamine D₂ antagonismSalamone, J.; Farrar, A.; Font, L.; Patel, V.; Schlar, D.; Nunes, E.; Collins-Praino, L.; Sager, T.
2009Therapeutic concentrations of dasatinib inhibit in vitro osteoclastogenesisVandyke, K.; Dewar, A.; Farrugia, A.; Fitter, S.; To, B.; Hughes, T.; Zannettino, A.
2009Imatinib mesylate causes growth plate closure in vivoVandyke, K.; Dewar, A.; Menicanin, D.; To, L.; Hughes, T.; Zannettino, A.; Fitter, S.