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2009Peptides grafted from solids for the control of interfacial propertiesMosse, W.; Koppens, M.; Gengenbach, T.; Scanlon, D.; Gras, S.; Ducker, W.
2008Solid-phase synthesis of europium-labeled human INSL3 as a novel probe for the study of ligand-receptor interactionsShabanpoor, F.; Hughes, R.; Bathgate, R.; Zhang, S.; Scanlon, D.; Lin, F.; Hossain, M.; Separovic, F.; Wade, J.
2009Rapid optimization of a peptide inhibitor of malaria parasite invasion by comprehensive N-methyl scanningHarris, K.; Casey, J.; Coley, A.; Karas, J.; Sabo, J.; Tan, Y.; Dolezal, O.; Norton, R.; Hughes, A.; Scanlon, D.; Foley, M.
2009Effect of oxidation and mutation on the conformational dynamics and fibril assembly of amyloidogenic peptides derived from apolipoprotein C-IIScanlon, D.
2008Comprehensive N-methyl scanning of a potent peptide inhibitor of malaria invasion into erythrocytes leads to pharmacokinetic optimization of the moleculeScanlon, D.; Harris, K.; Coley, A.; Karas, J.; Casey, J.; Hughes, A.; Foley, M.
2006Magnesium in the central nervous systemTurner, R.; Vink, R.
2004Meeting report: 10th international magnesium symposiumVink, R.
2008Genome health nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics - diagnosis and nutritional treatment of genome damage on an individual basisFenech, M.
2009The Alcohol Treatment Outcome Measure (ATOM): A new clinical tool for standardising outcome measurement for alcohol treatmentSimpson, M.; Lawrinson, P.; Copeland, J.; Gates, P.
2002Mediation of circadian rhythmsKennaway, D.; Luminis Pty Limited