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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Evolution of human tuberculosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis of paleopathological evidenceHolloway, K.; Henneberg, R.; de Barros Lopes, M.; Henneberg, M.
2011Pharmacological and physiological characterization of the tremulous jaw movement model of parkinsonian tremor: potential insights into the pathophysiology of tremorCollins-Praino, L.; Paul, N.; Rychalsky, K.; Hinman, J.; Chrobak, J.; Senatus, P.; Salamone, J.
2011Expression and function of TRP channels in liver cellsRychkov, G.; Barritt, G.
2011Why measuring accessibility is important for public health: a review from the Cardiac ARIA projectClark, R.A.; Coffee, N.
2011Algorithmic treatment of Kienböck disease; Beyond stagingBain, G.; Lichtman, D.
2011RUNX1 Mutations are rare in chronic phase polycythaemia veraButcher, C.; Neufing, P.; Eriksson, L.; Carmichael, C.; Wilkins, E.; Vaz de Melo, J.; Lewis, I.; Bardy, P.; Scott, H.; D'Andrea, R.
2011Clinical heterogeneity and prognostic features of South Australian patients with anti-synthetase autoantibodiesDugar, M.; Cox, S.; Limaye, V.; Blumbergs, P.; Roberts-Thomson, P.
2011Driving simulator performance remains impaired in patients with severe OSA after CPAP treatmentVakulin, A.; Baulk, S.; Catcheside, P.; Antic, N.; van den Heuvel, C.; Dorrian, J.; McEvoy, R.
2011Intracranial pressure changes following traumatic brain injury in rats: Lack of significant change in the absence of mass lesions or hypoxiaGabrielian, L.; Willshire, L.; Helps, S.; Van Den Heuvel, C.; Mathias, J.; Vink, R.
2011Increased rate of traffic law infringements during on-road metropolitan driving in obstructive sleep apnea patientsVakulin, A.; Catcheside, P.; van den Heuvel, C.; McEvoy, R.; Antic, N.; Baulk, S.