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2016Lack of evidence for progression of atherosclerosis during puberty in type 1 diabetesPeña, A.; Maftei, O.; Harrington, J.; Anderson, J.; Hirte, C.; Gent, R.; Couper, J.
2016Liberal glycemic control in critically Ill patients with type 2 diabetes: an exploratory studyKar, P.; Plummer, M.; Bellomo, R.; Jenkins, A.; Januszewski, A.; Chapman, M.; Jones, K.; Horowitz, M.; Deane, A.
2016New peptidomimetic boronates for selective inhibition of the chymotrypsin-like activity of the 26S proteasomeZhang, X.; Adwal, A.; Turner, A.; Callen, D.; Abell, A.
2016Skin color parameters and Fitzpatrick phototypes in estimating the risk of skin cancer: a case-control study in the Polish populationSitek, A.; Rosset, I.; Zadzińska, E.; Kasielska-Trojan, A.; Neskoromna-Jędrzejczak, A.; Antoszewski, B.
2016Quantifying the mediating effect of body mass index on the relation between a Mediterranean diet and development of maternal pregnancy complications: the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's HealthSchoenaker, D.; Soedamah-Muthu, S.; Mishra, G.
2016A composite fibre optic catheter for monitoring peristaltic transit of an intra-luminal beadArkwright, J.; Underhill, I.; Dodds, K.; Brookes, S.; Costa, M.; Spencer, N.; Dinning, P.
2016Pharmacokinetics and cardiovascular effects following a single oral administration of a nonaqueous pimobendan solution in healthy dogsYata, M.; McLachlan, A.; Foster, D.; Page, S.; Beijerink, N.
2016Single-dose pharmacokinetics and cardiovascular effects of oral pimobendan in healthy catsYata, M.; McLachlan, A.; Foster, D.; Hanzlicek, A.; Beijerink, N.
2016Neurogenic inflammation after traumatic brain injury and its potentiation of classical inflammationCorrigan, F.; Mander, K.; Leonard, A.; Vink, R.
2016TLR4-dependent claudin-1 internalization and secretagogue-mediated chloride secretion regulate irinotecan-induced diarrheaWardill, H.; Bowen, J.; Van Sebille, Y.; Secombe, K.; Coller, J.; Ball, I.; Logan, R.; Gibson, R.