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2013Massive hiatus hernia mimicking a left atrial massLim, H.; Leong, D.; Alasady, M.
2013The surgical anatomy of the piriformis tendon, with particular reference to total hip replacement: a cadaver studyRoche, J.; Jones, C.; Khan, R.; Yates, P.
2013The complex relationship between lung tumor volume and survival in patients with non-small cell lung cancer treated by definitive radiotherapy: a prospective, observational prognostic factor study of the Trans-Tasman Radiation Oncology Group (TROG 99.05)Ball, D.; Fisher, R.; Burmeister, B.; Poulsen, M.; Graham, P.; Penniment, M.; Vinod, S.; Krawitz, H.; Joseph, D.; Wheeler, G.; McClure, B.
2012Islamic medicine and evolutionary medicine: a comparative analysisSaniotis, A.
2012A move to more systematic and transparent approaches in qualitative evidence synthesis: update on a review of published papersHannes, K.; Macaitis, K.
2013Challenges in the surgical management of spine trauma in the morbidly obese patient: A case seriesRosenfeld, Hannah Elizabeth; Limb, Rebecca; Chan, Patrick; Fitzgerald, Mark; Bradley, William Pierre Litherland; Rosenfeld, Jeffrey V.
2012In vitro toxicity and genotoxicity assessment of disinfection by-products, organic N-chloraminesLaingam, S.; Froscio, S.; Bull, R.; Humpage, A.
2010Evidence-based healthcare and qualitative researchPearson, A.
2010Novel venom proteins produced by differential domain-expression strategies in beaded lizards and gila monsters (genus Heloderma)Fry, B.; Roelants, K.; Winter, K.; Hodgson, W.; Griesman, L.; Kwok, H.; Scanlon, D.; Karas, J.; Shaw, C.; Wong, L.; Norman, J.
2012Letter regarding Flecher et al. "Cancer on a pacemaker lead" - Is it MICE (Mesothelial Incidental Cardiac Excrescence)?Langlois, N.