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2013A multicenter randomized trial of atorvastatin therapy in intensive care patients with severe sepsisKruger, Peter; Bailey, Michael; Bellomo, Rinaldo; Cooper, David James; Harward, Meg; Higgins, Alisa; Howe, Belinda; Jones, Darryl; Joyce, Chris; Kostner, Karam; McNeil, John James; Nichol, Alistair; Roberts, Michael S.; Syres, Gillian A.; Venkatesh, Bala; ANZ-STATInS Investigators-ANZICS Clinical Trials Group
2012IGF-2R-mediated signaling results in hypertrophy of cultured cardiomyocytes from fetal sheepWang, K.; Brooks, D.; Botting, K.; Morrison, J.
2010Applying the Research Skill Development (Level IV) framework for marking matrices in multidisciplinary researchBuisman-Pijlman, F.; Venning, J.; ERGA Conference (5th : 2010 : Adelaide, Australia)
2010Lecture attendance, learning style and assessment outcome in physiology studentsHorton, D.; Wiederman, S.; Saint, D.; ERGA Conference (5th : 2010 : Adelaide, Australia)
2012Dissent about assent in paediatric researchWilkinson, D.
2012Rainfall-related population growth and adult sex ratio change in the critically endangered Raso lark (Alauda razae)Brooke, M. de L.; Flower, T. P.; Campbell, Ewan McInnes; Mainwaring, M. C.; Davies, S.; Welbergen, J. A.
2012Sodium intake and excretion in individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus: a cross-sectional analysis of overweight and obese males and females in AustraliaVillani, A.; Clifton, P.; Keogh, J.
2013Remaking Homo: ethical issues on future human enhancementSaniotis, A.
2013Tissue-specific and minor inter-individual variation in imprinting of IGF2R is a common feature of Bos taurus Concepti and not correlated with fetal weightBebbere, D.; Bauersachs, S.; Furst, R.; Reichenbach, H.; Reichenbach, M.; Medugorac, I.; Ulbrich, S.; Wolf, E.; Ledda, S.; Hiendleder, S.
2012Non-pharmacological interventions for cancer-related fatigue in men treated for prostate cancer: a systematic reviewLarkin, D.; Lopez, V.; Aromataris, E.