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2008Successful treatment of phaeohyphomycotic keratitis caused by Bipolaris australiensisDurkin, S.; Henderson, T.; Raju, R.; Ellis, D.
2005Return to work after coronary artery bypass surgery in a population of long-term survivorsBradshaw, P.; Jamrozik, K.; Gilfillan, I.; Thompson, P.
2008Anterior segment optical coherence tomography in the investigation of an unusual case of entoptic phenomenonDurkin, S.; Chappell, A.; Craig, J.
2008Trends in sudden infant death syndrome in Australia from 1980 to 2002Tursan d'Espaignet, E.; Bulsara, M.; Wolfenden, L.; Byard, R.; Stanley, F.
2005Molecular analysis of homotypic aggregates of ╬▓ig-h3 found in tissuesGibson, M.; Hanssen, E.; Annual Meeting of the Matrix Biology Society of Australia and New Zealand (29th : 2005 : Victor Harbor, S. Aust.)
2007Sizing for the clothing industry using principal component analysis - Australian exampleVeitch, D.; Veitch, L.; Henneberg, M.
2001Analysis of human skeletal and dental remains from Metaponto (7th - 2nd c. B.C.)Henneberg, M.; Henneberg, R.; Convegno di studi sulla Magna Grecia (40th : 2000 : Taranto, Italy)
2001Causes and Effects of Human VariationHenneberg, M.; Kilgariff, J.
2001Variation in the Infectivity of Listeria monocytogenes Isolates following Intragastric Inoculation of MiceBarbour, Angela Helen; Rampling, Anita; Hormaeche, Carlos E.
2007Non-osseous extra-articular anterolateral talocalcaneal coalition: a case reportSolomon, L.; Ruhli, F.; Ferris, L.; Taylor, J.; Henneberg, M.