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2008Successful treatment of phaeohyphomycotic keratitis caused by Bipolaris australiensisDurkin, S.; Henderson, T.; Raju, R.; Ellis, D.
2008Anterior segment optical coherence tomography in the investigation of an unusual case of entoptic phenomenonDurkin, S.; Chappell, A.; Craig, J.
2008Trends in sudden infant death syndrome in Australia from 1980 to 2002Tursan d'Espaignet, E.; Bulsara, M.; Wolfenden, L.; Byard, R.; Stanley, F.
2008Solid-phase synthesis of europium-labeled human INSL3 as a novel probe for the study of ligand-receptor interactionsShabanpoor, F.; Hughes, R.; Bathgate, R.; Zhang, S.; Scanlon, D.; Lin, F.; Hossain, M.; Separovic, F.; Wade, J.
2008Comprehensive N-methyl scanning of a potent peptide inhibitor of malaria invasion into erythrocytes leads to pharmacokinetic optimization of the moleculeScanlon, D.; Harris, K.; Coley, A.; Karas, J.; Casey, J.; Hughes, A.; Foley, M.
2008Genome health nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics - diagnosis and nutritional treatment of genome damage on an individual basisFenech, M.
2008A history of carpal tunnel syndromeWardle, N.; Pourgiezis, N.; Ashwood, N.; Bain, G.
2008The relationship between intracranial pressure and brain oxygenation following traumatic brain injury in sheepVink, R.; Bahtia, K.; Reilly, P.
2008Invertebrate aquaporins: a reviewCampbell, E.; Ball, A.; Hoppler, S.; Bowman, A.
2008Calcium supplementation does not increase mortality - In replyTang, Benjamin M. P.; Nordin, Borje Edgar Christopher