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2013The spatial organization and extraction of the wall-forming bodies of Eimeria maximaFrölich, S.; Johnson, M.; Robinson, M.; Entzeroth, R.; Wallach, M.
2013A multicenter randomized trial of atorvastatin therapy in intensive care patients with severe sepsisKruger, Peter; Bailey, Michael; Bellomo, Rinaldo; Cooper, David James; Harward, Meg; Higgins, Alisa; Howe, Belinda; Jones, Darryl; Joyce, Chris; Kostner, Karam; McNeil, John James; Nichol, Alistair; Roberts, Michael S.; Syres, Gillian A.; Venkatesh, Bala; ANZ-STATInS Investigators-ANZICS Clinical Trials Group
2013Remaking Homo: ethical issues on future human enhancementSaniotis, A.
2013Massive hiatus hernia mimicking a left atrial massLim, H.; Leong, D.; Alasady, M.
2013The surgical anatomy of the piriformis tendon, with particular reference to total hip replacement: a cadaver studyRoche, J.; Jones, C.; Khan, R.; Yates, P.
2013The complex relationship between lung tumor volume and survival in patients with non-small cell lung cancer treated by definitive radiotherapy: a prospective, observational prognostic factor study of the Trans-Tasman Radiation Oncology Group (TROG 99.05)Ball, D.; Fisher, R.; Burmeister, B.; Poulsen, M.; Graham, P.; Penniment, M.; Vinod, S.; Krawitz, H.; Joseph, D.; Wheeler, G.; McClure, B.
2013Challenges in the surgical management of spine trauma in the morbidly obese patient: A case seriesRosenfeld, Hannah Elizabeth; Limb, Rebecca; Chan, Patrick; Fitzgerald, Mark; Bradley, William Pierre Litherland; Rosenfeld, Jeffrey V.
2013Maintenance of Wakefulness Test scores and driving performance in sleep disorder patients and controlsPhilip, Pierre; Chaufton, Cyril; Tailard, Jacques; Sagaspe, Patricia; Leger, Damien; Raimondi, Monika; Vakulin, Andrew; Capelli, Aurore
2013Docetaxel and cyclophosphamide as adjuvant chemotherapy for early breast cancer: primary prophylaxis with G-CSF is requiredLakhanpal, R.; Stuart-Harris, R.; Chan, A.; Kotasek, D.; Beith, J.; Cuff, K.; Bastick, P.; Lee, C.
2013Trabecular plate loss and deteriorating elastic modulus of femoral trabecular bone in intertrochanteric hip fracturesWang, J.; Zhou, B.; Parkinson, I.; Thomas, C.; Clement, J.; Fazzalari, N.; Guo, X.