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2016A syntenic cross species aneuploidy genetic screen links RCAN1 expression to β-Cell mitochondrial dysfunction in type 2 diabetesPeiris, H.; Duffield, M.; Fadista, J.; Jessup, C.; Kashmir, V.; Genders, A.; McGee, S.; Martin, A.; Saiedi, M.; Morton, N.; Carter, R.; Cousin, M.; Kokotos, A.; Oskolkov, N.; Volkov, P.; Hough, T.; Fisher, E.; Tybulewicz, V.; Busciglio, J.; Coskun, P.; et al.
2016Recent advances in the development of sphingosine kinase inhibitorsPitman, M.; Costabile, M.; Pitson, S.
2016Socio-demographic disadvantage and distant summary stage of cancer at diagnosis-A population-based study in New South WalesTervonen, H.; Walton, R.; Roder, D.; You, H.; Morrell, S.; Baker, D.; Aranda, S.
2016Engineering DN hydrogels from regenerated silk fibroin and poly(N-vinylcaprolactam)Whittaker, J.; Dutta, N.; Zannettino, A.; Choudhury, N.
2016Effects of whole-body heat on male germ cell development and sperm motility in the laboratory mouseWechalekar, H.; Setchell, B.; Pilkington, K.; Leigh, C.; Breed, W.; Peirce, E.
2016The role of energy, nutrients, foods, and dietary patterns in the development of gestational diabetes mellitus: a systematic review of observational studiesSchoenaker, D.; Mishra, G.; Callaway, L.; Soedamah-Muthu, S.
2016Association of FTO and TMEM18 polymorphisms with overweight and obesity in the population of Polish childrenRosset, I.; Strapagiel, D.; Sitek, A.; Majewska, M.; Ostrowska-Nawarycz, L.; Zadzinska, E.
2016Morphine amplifies mechanical allodynia via TLR4 in a rat model of spinal cord injuryEllis, A.; Grace, P.; Wieseler, J.; Favret, J.; Springer, K.; Skarda, B.; Ayala, M.; Hutchinson, M.; Falci, S.; Rice, K.; Maier, S.; Watkins, L.
2016Ordered silicon pillar arrays prepared by electrochemical micromachining: substrates for high-efficiency cell transfectionHarding, F.; Surdo, S.; Delalat, B.; Cozzi, C.; Elnathan, R.; Gronthos, S.; Voelcker, N.; Barillaro, G.
2016Reversal of established bone pathology in MPS VII mice following lentiviral-mediated gene therapyDerrick-Roberts, A.; Panir, K.; Pyragius, C.; Zarrinkalam, K.; Atkins, G.; Byers, S.
2016Correlates of physical activity in people living with psychotic illnessSuetani, S.; Waterreus, A.; Morgan, V.; Foley, D.; Galletly, C.; Badcock, J.; Watts, G.; McKinnon, A.; Castle, D.; Saha, S.; Scott, J.; McGrath, J.
2016Simultaneous conduction mapping and intracellular membrane potential recording in isolated atriaNeo, M.; Morris, D.; Kuklik, P.; Lau, D.; Dimitri, H.; Lim, W.; Sanders, P.; Saint, D.
2016Association between inflammatory potential of diet and risk of depression in middle-aged women: The Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's HealthShivappa, N.; Schoenaker, D.; Hebert, J.; Mishra, G.
2016Information-based ranking of 10 compartment models of diffusion-weighted signal attenuation in fixed prostate tissueLiang, S.; Panagiotaki, E.; Bongers, A.; Shi, P.; Sved, P.; Watson, G.; Bourne, R.
2016Depressive symptoms across the menopause transition: findings from a large population-based cohort studyHickey, M.; Schoenaker, D.; Joffe, H.; Mishra, G.
2016The extramedical use and diversion of opioid substitution medications and other medications in prison settings in Australia following the introduction of buprenorphine-naloxone filmWhite, N.; Ali, R.; Larance, B.; Zador, D.; Mattick, R.; Degenhardt, L.
2016Computational systems biology approach predicts regulators and targets of microRNAs and their genomic hotspots in apoptosis processAlanazi, I.; Ebrahimie, E.
2016Lack of evidence for progression of atherosclerosis during puberty in type 1 diabetesPeña, A.; Maftei, O.; Harrington, J.; Anderson, J.; Hirte, C.; Gent, R.; Couper, J.
2016Liberal glycemic control in critically Ill patients with type 2 diabetes: an exploratory studyKar, P.; Plummer, M.; Bellomo, R.; Jenkins, A.; Januszewski, A.; Chapman, M.; Jones, K.; Horowitz, M.; Deane, A.
2016New peptidomimetic boronates for selective inhibition of the chymotrypsin-like activity of the 26S proteasomeZhang, X.; Adwal, A.; Turner, A.; Callen, D.; Abell, A.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 41 to 60 of 540