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2009Higher-order genome organization in platypus and chicken sperm and repositioning of sex chromosomes during mammalian evolutionTsend-Ayush, E.; Dodge, N.; Mohr, J.; Casey, A.; Himmelbauer, H.; Kremitzki, C.; Schatzkamer, K.; Graves, T.; Warren, W.; Grutzner, F.
2008Bird-like sex chromosomes of platypus imply recent origin of mammal sex chromosomesVeyrunes, F.; Waters, P.; Miethke, P.; Rens, W.; McMillan, D.; Alsop, A.; Grutzner, F.; Deakin, J.; Whittington, C.; Schatzkamer, K.; Kremitzki, C.; Graves, T.; Ferguson-Smith, M.; Warren, W.; Graves, J.
2014The evolution of lncRNA repertoires and expression patterns in tetrapodsNecsulea, A.; Soumillon, M.; Warnefors, M.; Liechti, A.; Daish, T.; Zeller, U.; Baker, J.; Grutzner, F.; Kaessmann, H.
2008Platypus Pou5f1 reveals the first steps in the evolution of trophectoderm differentiation and pluripotency in mammalsNiwa, H.; Sekita, Y.; Tsend-Ayush, E.; Grutzner, F.
2011The evolution of gene expression levels in mammalian organsBrawand, D.; Soumillon, M.; Necsulea, A.; Julien, P.; Csardi, G.; Harrigan, P.; Weier, M.; Liechti, A.; Aximu-Petri, A.; Kircher, M.; Albert, F.; Zeller, U.; Khaitovich, P.; Grutzner, F.; Bergmann, S.; Nielsen, R.; Paabo, S.; Kaessmann, H.
2012Mechanisms and evolutionary patterns of mammalian and avian dosage compensationJulien, P.; Brawand, D.; Soumillon, M.; Necsulea, A.; Liechti, A.; Schutz, F.; Daish, T.; Grutzner, F.; Kaessmann, H.
2007Disruption and pseudoautosomal localization of the major histocompatibility complex in monotremesDohm, J.; Tsend-Ayush, E.; Reinhardt, R.; Grutzner, F.; Himmelbauer, H.
2008Genome analysis of the platypus reveals unique signatures of evolutionWarren, W.; Hillier, L.; Graves, J.; Birney, E.; Ponting, C.; Grutzner, F.; Belov, K.; Miller, W.; Clarke, L.; Chinwall, A.; Yang, S.; Heger, A.; Locke, D.; Miethke, P.; Waters, P.; Veyrunes, F.; Fulton, L.; Fulton, B.; Graves, T.; Wallis, J.; et al.
2005RBMX gene is essential for brain development in zebrafishTsend-Ayush, E.; O'Sullivan, L.; Grutzner, F.; Onnebo, S.; Lewis, R.; Dellbridge, M.; Graves, J.; Ward, A.
2007The multiple sex chromosomes of platypus and echidna are not completely identical and several share homology with the avian ZRens, W.; O'Brien, P.; Grutzner, F.; Clarke, O.; Graphodatskaya, D.; Tsend-Ayush, E.; Trifonov, V.; Skelton, H.; Wallis, M.; Johnston, S.; Veyrunes, F.; Graves, J.; Ferguson-Smith, M.