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2009Delayed recruitment of lymphocytes into the lungs of CD30-deficient mice during aerogenic Mycobacterium avium infectionsFlorido, M.; McColl, S.; Appelberg, R.
2010An immune paradox: how can the same chemokine axis regulate both immune tolerance and activation? CCR6/CCL20: a chemokine axis balancing immunological tolerance and inflammation in autoimmune diseaseComerford, I.; Bunting, M.; Fenix, K.; Haylock-Jacobs, S.; Litchfield, W.; Harata-Lee, Y.; Turvey, M.; Brazzatti, J.; Gregor, C.; Nguyen, P.; Kara, E.; McColl, S.
2010EZYprep LC-coupled MALDI-TOF/TOF MS: an improved matrix spray application for phosphopeptide characterisationCondina, M.; Gustafsson, O.; Klingler-Hoffmann, M.; Bagley, C.; McColl, S.; Hoffmann, P.
2010The atypical chemokine receptor CCX-CKR scavenges homeostatic chemokines in circulation and tissues and suppresses Th17 responsesComerford, I.; Nibbs, R.; Litchfield, W.; Bunting, M.; Harata-Lee, Y.; Haylock-Jacobs, S.; Forrow, S.; Korner, H.; McColl, S.
2010Multiple functions of CXCL12 in a syngeneic model of breast cancerWilliams, S.; Harata-Lee, Y.; Anderson, R.; Comerford, I.; Smyth, M.; McColl, S.
2008Macrophage-derived proinflammatory factors contribute to the development of arthritis and myositis after infection with an arthrogenic alphavirusLidbury, B.; Rulli, N.; Suhrbier, A.; Smith, P.; McColl, S.; Cunningham, A.; Tarkowski, A.; van Rooijen, N.; Fraser, R.; Mahalingham, S.
2003A role for macrophage inflammatory protein-3 a/CC chemokine ligand 20 in immune priming during T cell-mediated inflammation of the central nervous systemKohler, R.; Caon, A.; Willenborg, D.; Clark-Lewis, I.; McColl, S.
2007MIF is a noncognate ligand of CXC chemokine receptors in inflammatory and atherogenic cell recruitmentBernhagen, J.; Krohn, R.; Lue, H.; Gregory, J.; Zernecke, A.; Koenen, R.; Dewor, M.; Georgiev, I.; Schober, A.; Leng, L.; Kooistra, T.; Fingerle-Rowson, G.; Ghezzi, P.; Kleemann, R.; McColl, S.; Bucala, R.; Hickey, M.; Weber, C.
2006Macrophage migration inhibitory factor induces macrophage recruitment via CC chemokine ligand 2Gregory, J.; Morand, E.; McKeown, S.; Ralph, J.; Hall, P.; Yang, Y.; McColl, S.; Hickey, M.
2011In vivo leukocyte changes induced by Escherichia coli subtilase cytotoxinWang, H.; Paton, A.; McColl, S.; Paton, J.