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2016Splitting in systems of PDEs for two-phase multicomponent flow in porous mediaBorazjani, S.; Roberts, A.J.; Bedrikovetsky, P.
2016Tracking the Cretaceous transcontinental Ceduna River through Australia: the hafnium isotope record of detrital zircons from offshore southern AustraliaLloyd, J.; Collins, A.S.; Payne, J.L.; Glorie, S.; Holford, S.; Reid, A.J.
2016Analytical solutions of oil displacement by a polymer slug with varying salinityBorazjani, S.; Bedrikovetsky, P.; Farajzadeh, R.
2016Constraining the distribution and relationship between overpressure, natural fracture density and temperature in the Cooper Basin, AustraliaKulikowski, D.; Cooke, D.; Amrouch, K.
2016Development of a new approach for hydraulic fracturing in tight sand with pre-existing natural fracturesPokalai, K.; Kulikowski, D.; Johnson, J.R.L.; Haghighi, M.; Cooke, D.
2016Sedimentology, depositional environments and significance of an Ediacaran salt-withdrawal minibasin, Billy Springs Formation, Flinders Ranges, South AustraliaCounts, J.W.; Amos, K.J.
2016The present-day stress field of New South Wales, AustraliaRajabi, M.; Tingay, M.; Heidbach, O.
2016Lateral magma flow in magic sill complexesMagee, C.; Muirhead, J.D.; Karvelas, A.; Holford, S.P.; Jackson, C.A.L.; Bastow, I.D.; Schofield, N.; Stevenson, C.T.E.; McLean, C.; McCarthy, W.; Shtukert, O.
2016The stress pattern of IcelandZiegler, M.; Rajabi, M.; Heidbach, O.; Hersir, G.P.; Ágústsson, K.; Árnadóttir, S.; Zang, A.
2015PVTX characteristics of oil inclusions from Asmari formation in Kuh-e-Mond heavy oil field in IranShariatinia, Z.; Haghighi, M.; Shafiei, A.; Feiznia, S.; Zendehboudi, S.
2015Rootless cone eruption processes informed by dissected tephra deposits and conduitsReynolds, P.; Brown, R.J.; Thordarson, T.; Llewellin, E.W.; Fielding, K.
2015Stimulation of coal seam permeability by micro-sized graded proppant placement using selective fluid propertiesKeshavarz, A.; Badalyan, A.; Carageorgos, T.; Bedrikovetsky, P.; Johnson, R.
2015Characterizing long-term CO₂-water-rock reaction pathways to identify tracers of CO₂ migration during geological storage in a low-salinity, siliciclastic reservoir systemHorner, K.N.; Schacht, U.; Haese, R.R.
2015Visualization of micro-particle retention on a heterogeneous surface using micro-models: influence of nanoscale surface roughnessArgent, J.; Torkzaban, S.; Hubbard, S.; Le, H.; Amirianshoja, T.; Haghighi, M.
2015U-Pb zircon age of the Walloon Coal Measures in the Surat Basin, southeast Queensland: implications for paleogeography and basin subsidenceWainman, C.C.; McCabe, P.J.; Crowley, J.L.; Nicoll, R.S.
2015Improving sweep efficiency of edge-water drive reservoirs using induced formation damageZeinijahromi, A.; Al-Jassasi, H.; Begg, S.; Bedrikovetski, P.
2015Mathematical modelling of gas production and compositional shift of a CSG (coal seam gas) field: local model developmentPsaltis, S.; Farrell, T.; Burrage, K.; Burrage, P.; McCabe, P.; Moroney, T.; Turner, I.; Mazumder, S.
2015The Pretty Hill Formation as a natural analogue for CO₂ storage: an investigation of mineralogical and isotopic changes associated with sandstones exposed to low, intermediate and high CO₂ concentrations over geological timeHiggs, K.E.; Haese, R.R.; Golding, S.D.; Schacht, U.; Watson, M.N.
2015Peatland carbon stores and fluxes in the Snowy Mountains, New South Wales, AustraliaHope, G.S.; Nanson, R.A.
2015Deep bed and cake filtration of two-size particle suspension in porous mediaSacramento, R.N.; Yang, Y.; You, Z.; Waldmann, A.; Martins, A.L.; Vaz, A.S.L.; Zitha, P.L.J.; Bedrikovetsky, P.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 806