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2022Analytical model for fines migration due to mineral dissolution during CO₂ injectionWang, Y.; Bedrikovetsky, P.; Yin, H.; Othman, F.; Zeinijahromi, A.; Le-Hussain, F.
2022The Cooper-Eromanga petroleum province, AustraliaKulikowski, D.; Amrouch, K.; Pokalai, K.; Mackie, S.I.; Gray, M.E.; Burgin, H.B.
2022What is the CRT? Intelligence, Personality, Decision Style or Attention?Welsh, M.; Culbertson, J.; Perfors, A.; Rabagliati, H.; Ramenzoni, V.; Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (COGSCI) (27 Jul 2022 - 30 Jul 2022 : Toronto, Canada)
2021Lithostratigraphy and Chemostratigraphy of salt diapir sedimentary inclusions: unraveling Ediacaran salt tectonics in the Flinders Ranges, South AustraliaKernen, R.; Lehrmann, A.; Poe, P.
2021Does anything predict anchoring bias?Welsh, M.; Laughlin, P.; Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci) (26 Jul 2021 - 29 Jul 2021 : virtual online)
2021Effect of temperature on mineral reactions and fines migration during low-salinity water injection into Berea sandstoneWang, Y.; Yu, M.; Bo, Z.; Bedrikovetsky, P.; Le-Hussain, F.
2021Layer parallel stretching? Characterising magnetic and pore-fabric styles at a rifted continental margin: New insights from the Otway Ranges, AustraliaBurgin, H.B.; Robion, P.; Amrouch, K.
2021The intracontinental High Atlas belt: geological overview and pending questionsSkikra, H.; Amrouch, K.; Soulaimani, A.; Leprêtre, R.; Ouabid, M.; Bodinier, J.-L.
2021A fractal approach for surface roughness analysis of laboratory hydraulic fractureMovassagh, A.; Haghighi, M.; Zhang, X.; Kasperczyk, D.; Sayyafzadeh, M.
2021Provenance of Upper Jurassic–Lower Cretaceous strata in the Mentelle Basin, southwestern Australia, reveals a trans-Gondwanan fluvial pathwayMaritati, A.; Halpin, J.A.; Whittaker, J.M.; Daczko, N.R.; Wainman, C.C.
2021Calcite Twin Formation, Measurement and Use as Stress-Strain Indicators: A Review of Progress over the Last DecadeLacombe, O.; Parlangeau, C.; Beaudoin, N.E.; Amrouch, K.
2021Inherited morphobathymetric controls over contourite drift deposition: a case study from the late Cenozoic Mentelle Basin, AustraliaTagliaro, G.; Wainman, C.C.; Fulthorpe, C.S.
2020May I have your attention? Testing a subjective attention scaleWelsh, M.; Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci) (29 Jul 2020 - 1 Aug 2020 : virtual online)
2020Overconfident in hindsight: memory, hindsight bias and overconfidenceWelsh, M.; Denison, S.; Mack, M.; Xu, Y.; Armstrong, B.C.; Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (CogSci) (29 Jul 2020 - 1 Aug 2020 : virtual online)
2020Can 1 h of training lead to better project decision-making?Newman, D.; Begg, S.; Welsh, M.
2020Biomediation of submarine sediment gravity flow dynamicsCraig, M.J.; Baas, J.H.; Amos, K.J.; Strachan, L.J.; Manning, A.J.; Paterson, D.M.; Hope, J.A.; Nodder, S.; Baker, M.L.
2020Simplified front end loading: A route to better project outcomesNewman, D.; Begg, S.; Welsh, M.; SPE Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition (APOGCE) (17 Nov 2020 - 19 Nov 2020 : virtual online)
2019EOR by water injection with nanoparticles into a carbonate oil reservoirAkhmetgareev, V.; Khisamov, R.; Bedrikovetski, P.; Khakimov, S.; European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers Conference and Exhibition (3 Jun 2019 - 6 Jun 2019 : London, UK)
2019Geomechanical modelling and consequences for fluid-flow in complex rifted settings: A case study in the Otway Basin, AustraliaBurgin, H.; Amrouch, K.; Kulikowski, D.; Holford, S.; Robion, P.; EGU General Assembly (7 Apr 2019 - 12 Apr 2019 : Vienna, Austria)
2019Individual differences, expertise, and outcome bias in medical decision makingLiaw, A.; Welsh, M.B.; Copp, H.; Breyer, B.; Goel, A.K.; Seifert, C.M.; Freska, C.; Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (COGSCI) (24 Jul 2019 - 27 Jul 2019 : Montreal, Canada)
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 946