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2010Upscaled unstructured computational grids for efficient simulation of flow in fractured porous mediaSahimi, M.; Darvishi, R.; Haghighi, M.; Rasaei, M.
2012Atlas of Australian and New Zealand hydrocarbon seals: worldwide analogs for cap rocks and intraformational barriers in clastic depositional settingsDaniel, R.; Kaldi, J.
2013Evidence for overpressure generation by kerogen-to-gas maturation in the northern Malay BasinTingay, M.; Morley, C.; Laird, A.; Limpornpipat, O.; Krisadasima, K.; Pabchanda, S.; Macintyre, H.
2013Mathematical model for fines-migration-assisted waterflooding with induced formation damageZeinijahromi, A.; Nguyen, T.; Bedrikovetski, P.
2014Analytical model for fines migration during water injectionBedrikovetski, P.; Caruso, N.
2012A semi-analytical model for two phase immiscible flow in porous media honouring capillary pressureHussain, F.; Cinar, Y.; Bedrikovetski, P.
2011Victorian carbon dioxide geological storage options; an engineering evaluation of storage potential in southeastern AustraliaO'Brien, Geoffrey William; Gunn, Robert; Raistrick, Mark; Buffin, Andrew; Tingate, Peter Richard; Miranda, John; Arian, Natt
2012A new mathematical model for colloidal flow in rocks: Accounting for pore geometry and network topology in bimodal mediaYou, Z.; Bedrikovetski, P.; International Oilfield Nanotechnology Conference (2012 : Noordwijk, The Netherlands)
2012Seismic facies analysis and structural interpretation of the Sandakan Sub-basin, Sulu Sea, PhilippinesFutalan, K.; Mitchell, A.; Amos, K.; Backe, G.; AAPG International Conference and Exhibition (2012 : Singapore)
2012Multi-scale characterisation of the Paaratte Formation, Otway Basin, for CO2 injection and storageBunch, M.; Lawrence, M.; Dance, T.; Daniel, R.; Menacherry, S.; Browne, G.; Arnot, M.; AAPG International Conference and Exhibition (2012 : Singapore)