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2009Signature of cryptic sedimentary basin inversion revealed by shale compaction data in the Irish Sea, western British IslesHolford, S.; Turner, J.; Green, P.; Hillis, R.
2002Building geomechanical models for the safe underground storage of carbon dioxide in porous rockStreit, J.; Hillis, R.; International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies (6th : 2002 : Kyoto, Japan)
2009Southeast Asian stress map: Implications for petroleum exploration and productionTingay, M.; Morley, C.; King, R.; Hillis, R.; Coblentz, D.
2007Using geological information to optimize fracture stimulation practices in the Cooper Basin, AustraliaNelson, E.; Chipperfield, S.; Hillis, R.; Gilbert, J.; McGowen, J.
2003The origin of overpressure in 'old' sedimentary basins: an example from the Cooper Basin, AustraliaVan Ruth, P.; Hillis, R.; Tingate, P.; Swarbrick, R.
2008Relationship between structural style, overpressures, and modern stress, Baram Delta Province, northwest BorneoMorley, C.; Tingay, M.; Hillis, R.; King, R.
2005In situ stresses of the West Tuna area, Gippsland BasinNelson, E.; Hillis, R.
2001Coupled changes in pore pressure and stress in oil fields and sedimentary basinsHillis, R.
2005A systematic fault seal evaluation of the Ladbroke Grove and Pyrus Traps of the Penola Trough, Otway BasinLyon, P.; Boult, P.; Watson, M.; Hillis, R.
2005Present-day stress orientation in Brunei: a snapshot of 'prograding tectonics' in a Tertiary deltaTingay, M.; Hillis, R.; Morley, C.; Swarbrick, R.; Drake, S.