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2008Volcanogenic sediment-seawater interactions and the geochemistry of pore watersSchacht, U.; Wallmann, K.; Kutterolf, S.; Schmidt, M.
2011Chapter 9 - Early diagenesis of deep-sea sedimentsHesse, R.; Schacht, U.
2008Pacific offshore record of plinian arc volcanism in Central America: 3. Application to forearc geologyKutterolf, S.; Freundt, A.; Schacht, U.; Burk, D.; Harders, R.; Morz, T.; Perez, W.
2004Marine Tephras offshore Nicaragua and Costa Rica – Determination of sedimentation rates, eruption volumes, marine stratigraphyKutterolf, S.; Schacht, U.; Freundt, A.; Wehrmann, H.; Morz, T.; Schmidt, M.; Schmincke, H.; Conference IAVCEI General Assembly (Pucon, Chile) (14 Nov 2004 : Pucon, Chile)
2007Subduction zone volcanic ash can fertilize the surface ocean and stimulate phytoplankton growth: Evidence from biogeochemical experiments and satellite dataDuggen, S.; Croot, P.; Schacht, U.; Hoffmann, L.
2006Onshore to offshore tephrostratigraphy and marine ash layer diagenesis in Central AmericaKutterolf, S.; Schacht, U.; Wehrmann, H.; Freundt, A.; Moerz, T.
2008CO2 - related diagenesis in Tuna field, Gippsland Basin: A natural analogue study for geosequestrationSchacht, U.; PESA Eastern Australasian Basins Symposium III (3rd : 2008 : Sydney)
2013Methane-carbon flow into the benthic food web at cold seeps - A case study from the Costa Rica subduction zoneNiemann, H.; Peter, L.; Knittel, K.; MacPherson, E.; Antje, B.; Brockmann, W.; Larvik, G.; Wallmann, K.; Schacht, U.; Omoregie, E.; Hilton, D.; Brown, K.; Rehder, G.
2012Soil gas monitoring the Otway Project site – update 2012Schacht, U.; Jenkins, C.; Dunsmore, R.; Roth, J.; 2012 CO2CRC Research Symposium (27 Nov 2012 - 29 Nov 2012 : Sunshine Coast, Australia)
2012Lessons learnt from natural analoguesHiggs, K.; Golding, S.; Kirste, D.; Schacht, U.; Watson, M.; 2012 CO2CRC Research Symposium (27 Nov 2012 - 29 Nov 2012 : Sunshine Coast, Australia)