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Type: Event
Title: Fantastic Plastic Reptile Skulls
Other Titles: FPRSkulls
Author: Jones, M.
Chatterji, R.
Nelson, T.
Gray, J.
Palci, A.
Treloar, J.-.B.
Hutchinson, M.
Publisher Place: Facebook
Issue Date: 2016
Where: University of Adelaide Open Day 2016
Keywords: 3Dprinting; Reptile; Skulls; Outreach
Description: An initiative to generate a set of accurate models to promote a greater awareness of reptile skull diversity. The fascinating diversity of reptile skull structure is widely underappreciated because they are often small and delicate which hinders comparisons. Many museum specimens are also preserved in alcohol rather than as skeletons. However, recent advances in High resolution X-ray Computed Tomography and three-dimensional printing enable the production of accurate models that can be scaled appropriately, are durable, and pleasant to handle. We, a collaboration between researchers at the University of Adelaide and the South Australian Museum, aim to provide a set of skull models focusing on several key Australian reptiles that will serve as a valuable resource for research, communication, outreach, and teaching. It will be first presented at the University of Adelaide Open Day 2016. Funding and support received from the University of Adelaide Creativity and Innovation Fund 2016 and the Australian Research Council.
RMID: 0030079896
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