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dc.contributor.authorCross, Robert-
dc.description41 Page Manuscript book in ink, containing: "Song of Rhada the Milk-Maid" - 6 page MS in ink, Composed 14/5/1939, words by Sarajini Naidu. "Requiescat" - 4 page MS in ink, Composed 1940, words by Oscar Wilde, Trans. here June 1940. "Our Birth is But a Sleep and a Forgetting" - 6 page MS in ink, Composed 1935, Rewritten June 29 1940, words by Wordsworth, "For Miss Heather Kinaird". "Miss Neptune Has a Washing Day" - 4 page MS in ink, Composed 1937, Transcribed June 1940, Words by Robert Cross, Dedicated to "My wife". "She Came with a Rose in her Hand" - Ink title only. "Nocturne (Lunar)" - 3 page MS ink, pencil annotations, composed July Aug. [?]. "The Fairy Flute" - 5 page MS ink, Composed 21/2/1943, Words by Rose Flyman [ie Fyleman]. "Two Nonsense Songs - no.1 Susan and Sally" - 4 page MS in ink, Composed 6/10/1942, Words by Barry Pain, For Linda Wald. "Two Nonsense Songs - no.2 A Lament (Concerning Pies)" - 2 page MS in ink, Composed 7/10/1942, Words by Louisa Pratt. "The Master of My House Am I" - 6 page MS in ink, Composed 6/10/1942, Words by Yvonne Webb, For A. G. (Bert) Norman Esq.en
dc.subjectCompositions - Australianen
dc.titleSeries 3: 14 - Manuscript book (Song of Rhada the Milk-Maid + 10 others)en
dc.typeComposition (music)en
dc.identifier.callnumMSS 0189-
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