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dc.contributor.authorCirigliano, Vincenzoen
dc.contributor.authorGolowich, Eugeneen
dc.contributor.authorMaltman, Kimen
dc.identifier.citationPhysical Review D, 2003; 68(5):054013en
dc.description.abstractWe use the procedure of pinched-weight finite energy sum rules to determine the operator product expansion (OPE) coefficients a6,…,a16 of the flavor ud V-A correlator in terms of existing hadronic τ decay data. We show by appropriate weight choices that the error on the dominant d=6 contribution, which is known to be related to the K→ππ matrix elements of the electroweak penguin operator in the chiral limit, may be reduced to below the ∼15% level. The values we obtain for OPE coefficients with d>8 are shown to naturally account for the discrepancies between our results for the d=6 and d=8 terms and those of previous analyses, which were obtained neglecting d>8 contributions.en
dc.description.statementofresponsibilityVincenzo Cirigliano, Eugene Golowich, Kim Maltmanen
dc.publisherAmerican Physical Societyen
dc.rights©2003 American Physical Societyen
dc.titleQCD condensates for the light quark V-A correlatoren
dc.typeJournal articleen
dc.contributor.schoolSchool of Chemistry and Physics : Physics and Mathematical Physicsen
dc.contributor.organisationSpecial Research Centre for the Subatomic Structure of Matteren
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