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Type: Text
Title: Lukar and Luki
Other Titles: Place Name Summary (PNS) 4.03.02/06
Author: Schultz, Chester
Publisher: Chester Schultz
Issue Date: 23-Mar-2016
Abstract: Lukar is one of a number of Ngarrindjeri words which have been used by Ngarrindjeri people as place-names on territory which at first contact was Kaurna land. These names have been publicized through the publications of Tindale and Berndt, who obtained them in the 1930s-40s. Lukar is a word in the Ngarrindjeri language meaning ‘tears’. It is primarily a common noun, not a place-name. However, in the 1930s the Ngarrindjeri Elder Albert Karlowan seems to have applied it generically to the spring sites created by Tjirbuki’s tears along the coast from Kingston Park to Port Willunga.
Keywords: Ngarrindjeri language
Port Willunga Springs
Aboriginal place-names
South Australia geography
Kaurna Warra Pintyandi
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