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Type: Journal article
Title: Petrology, geochemistry and zircon U-Pb geochronology of the Jurassic porphyry dykes in the Dehua gold field, Southeast China: genesis and geodynamics
Author: Xu, N.
Li, S.
Santosh, M.
Tong, B.
Citation: Geological Journal, 2018; 53(2):547-564
Publisher: Wiley
Issue Date: 2018
ISSN: 0072-1050
Editor: Hórvath, P.
Statement of
Nan Xu, Sheng‐Rong Li, M. Santosh, Bing Tong
Abstract: The widespread tectonic and magmatic events in Southeast China during the Mesozoic were accompanied by large‐scale metallogenesis. Here, we investigate the petrology, geochemistry, and zircon U–Pb age of the porphyry dykes in relation to the gold mineralization at Dongyang deposit in the Fujian Province. The geochemical data show silica‐rich and Mg‐ and Ca‐poor A‐type granite affinity for the dykes. The rocks have high concentrations of Light Rare Earth Elements (LREE) and Large Ion Lithophile Elements (LILE) and relatively low contents of Heavy Rare Earth Elements (HREE) and High Field Strength Element (HFSE). They display (La/Yb) N and (La/Sm) N values in the range of 5.7 to 31.4 and 6.0 to 8.3, respectively, with negative anomalies of Ba, Nb, Ta, Sr, Zr, Eu, and Ti and positive Ce anomaly. The source magma for the dykes was derived from a mixture of partially melted Al‐rich crustal material, with an input of mantle components. We present sensitive high‐resolution ion microprobe zircon U–Pb data from the dykes, which show emplacement ages in the range of 158 to 162 Ma, coinciding with the onset of theYanshanian magmatism in Southeast China. Integrating the data obtained from studies on geology, geochronology and petro‐geochemistry, we suggest that the dykes played role in controlling the gold mineralization, and the magmatism and gold mineralization are the response of continental lithosphere thinning in Southeast China triggered by the subduction of the ancient Pacific Ocean Plate.
Keywords: Dongyang gold deposit; geochemistry; gold mineralization; Mesozoic magmatism; porphyry dykes;U-Pb zircon geochronology
Rights: Copyright © 2017 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
DOI: 10.1002/gj.2912
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