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2022An altered heme environment in an engineered cytochrome P450 enzyme enables the switch from monooxygenase to peroxygenase activityPodgorski, M.N.; Harbort, J.S.; Lee, J.H.Z.; Nguyen, G.T.H.; Bruning, J.B.; Donald, W.A.; Bernhardt, P.V.; Harmer, J.R.; Bell, S.G.
2022Different geometric requirements for cytochrome P450-catalyzed aliphatic versus aromatic hydroxylation results in chemoselective oxidationColeman, T.; Kirk, A.M.; Lee, J.H.Z.; Doherty, D.Z.; Bruning, J.B.; Krenske, E.H.; De Voss, J.J.; Bell, S.G.
2022Structural and biochemical characterization of Acinetobacter baumannii ZnuAAlquethamy, S.; Ganio, K.; Luo, Z.; Hossain, S.I.; Hayes, A.J.; Ve, T.; Davies, M.R.; Deplazes, E.; Kobe, B.; McDevitt, C.A.
2022Modeling the population-level impact of opioid agonist treatment on mortality among people accessing treatment between 2001 and 2020 in New South Wales, Australia.Chaillon, A.; Bharat, C.; Stone, J.; Jones, N.; Degenhardt, L.; Larney, S.; Farrell, M.; Vickerman, P.; Hickman, M.; Martin, N.K.; Bórquez, A.
2022Slit-Robo signalling establishes a Sphingosine-1-phosphate gradient to polarise fin mesenchymeMahabaleshwar, H.; Asharani, P.V.; Loo, T.Y.; Koh, S.Y.; Pitman, M.R.; Kwok, S.; Ma, J.; Hu, B.; Lin, F.; Li Lok, X.; Pitson, S.M.; Saunders, T.E.; Carney, T.J.
2022RNA polymerase efficiently transcribes DNA-scaffolded, cooperative bacteriophage repressor complexesLu, Y.; Voros, Z.; Borjas, G.; Hendrickson, C.; Shearwin, K.; Dunlap, D.; Finzi, L.
2022All-optica sub-Kelvin sympathetic cooling of a levitated microsphere in vacuumArita, Y.; Bruce, G.D.; Wright, E.M.; Simpson, S.H.; Zemanek, P.; Dholakia, K.
2022Admixture has obscured signals of historical hard sweeps in humansSouilmi, Y.; Tobler, R.; Johar, A.; Williams, M.; Grey, S.T.; Schmidt, J.; Teixeira, J.C.; Rohrlach, A.; Tuke, J.; Johnson, O.; Gower, G.; Turney, C.; Cox, M.; Cooper, A.; Huber, C.D.
2022Cranial shape variation in domestication: a pilot study on the case of rabbitsGeiger, M.; Sánchez-Villagra, M.; Sherratt, E.
2021Damage tolerance and toughness of elderly human femoraMartelli, S.; Giorgi, M.; Dall' Ara, E.; Perilli, E.
2021Adaptors as the regulators of HECT ubiquitin ligasesShah, S.S.; Kumar, S.
2021The loopometer: a quantitative in vivo assay for DNA-looping proteinsHao, N.; Sullivan, A.E.; Shearwin, K.E.; Dodd, I.B.
2021A mouse model of endometriosis that displays vaginal, colon, cutaneous, and bladder sensory comorbiditiesCastro, J.; Maddern, J.; Grundy, L.; Manavis, J.; Harrington, A.M.; Schober, G.; Brierley, S.M.
2021Simplified heavy-atom derivatization of protein structures via co-crystallization with the MAD tetragon tetrabromoterephthalic acidTruong, J.Q.; Nguyen, S.; Bruning, J.B.; Shearwin, K.E.
2021Efficacy and safety of statins in ethnic differences: a lesson for application in Indigenous Australian patient careGebremichael, L.G.; Suppiah, V.; Wiese, M.D.; Mackenzie, L.; Phillips, C.; Williams, D.B.; Roberts, M.S.
2021The androgen receptor is a tumor suppressor in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancerHickey, T.E.; Selth, L.A.; Chia, K.M.; Laven-Law, G.; Milioli, H.H.; Roden, D.; Jindal, S.; Hui, M.; Finlay-Schultz, J.; Ebrahimie, E.; Birrell, S.N.; Stelloo, S.; Iggo, R.; Alexandrou, S.; Caldon, C.E.; Abdel-Fatah, T.M.; Ellis, I.O.; Zwart, W.; Palmieri, C.; Sartorius, C.A.; et al.
2021Phosphorylation by Aurora B kinase regulates caspase-2 activity and function.Lim, Y.; De Bellis, D.; Sandow, J.J.; Capalbo, L.; D'Avino, P.P.; Murphy, J.M.; Webb, A.I.; Dorstyn, L.; Kumar, S.
2021Systematic benchmark of ancient DNA read mappingOliva, A.; Tobler, R.; Cooper, A.; Llamas, B.; Souilmi, Y.
2021An algal PIP-like aquaporin facilitates water transport and ionic conductanceMcGaughey, S.A.; Tyerman, S.D.; Byrt, C.S.
2021AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR 6 and 7 control the flag leaf angle in rice by regulating secondary cell wall biosynthesis of lamina jointsHuang, G.; Hu, H.; van de Meene, A.; Zhang, J.; Dong, L.; Zheng, S.; Zhang, F.; Betts, N.S.; Liang, W.; Bennett, M.J.; Persson, S.; Zhang, D.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 257