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1997Effect of muscle glycogen availability on maximal exercise performanceHargreaves, Mark Ian; Finn, J. Paul; Withers, Robert T.; Halbert, Julie A.; Scroop, Garry Campbell; Mackay, Malcolm; Snow, Rodney J.; Carey, Michael F.
1995Reflex control of human jaw muscles by the mechanoreceptors in the periodontiumBrodin, Pal; Turker, Kemal Sitki
1997Detection of circulating tumor cells using immunobead-PCRHardingham, Jennifer E.
1999Gluococorticoids decrease phenylethanolamine N - methyltransferase mRNA expression in the immature foetal sheep adrenalAdams, Michael Brenton; Ross, Jacob T.; Butler, Timothy G.; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
1999Jaw reflexes evoked by mechanical stimulation of teeth in humansYang, J.; Turker, Kemal Sitki
1999Potentiation of Quantal Catecholamine Secretion in Gilbenclamide: Evidence for a Novel Role of Sulphonylurea Receptors in Regulating the Ca2+ Sensitivity of ExocytosisTaylor, S. C.; Carpenter, E.; Roberts, Michael Lawrence; Peers, C.
1999Muscle Spindle Afferent Input to Motoneurons in Human MasseterScutter, Sheila Doreen; Turker, Kemal Sitki
1998Differential effects of increasing gestational age and placental restriction on tyrosine hydroxylase, phenylethanolamine N-methyltransferase, and proenkephalin A mRNA levels in the fetal sheep adrenalAdams, Michael Brenton; Phillips, Ian D.; Simonetta, G.; McMillen, Isabella Caroline
1998Conservation of surfactant protein a: evidence for a single origin for vertebrate pulmonary surfactantSullivan, Lucy C.; Daniels, Christopher Brian; Phillips, Ian D.; Orgeig, Sandra; Whitsett, Jeffrey A.
1999Effects of large excitatory and inhibitory inputs on motoneuron discharge rate and probabilityTurker, Kemal Sitki; Powers, R. K.