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2009Asymmetric activation of motor cortex controlling human anterior digastric muscles during speech and target-directed jaw movementsSowman, P.; Flavel, S.; McShane, C.; Sakuma, S.; Miles, T.; Nordstrom, M.
2002Characteristics of shoulder-position sense: Effects of mode of movement, scapular support, and arm orientationJanwantanakul, P.; Jones, M.; Magarey, M.; Miles, T.
2001Cortical excitability is not depressed in movement-modulated stretch response of human thumb flexorWallace, C.; Miles, T.
2001Task-dependent control of human masseter muscles from ipsilateral and contralateral motor cortexPearce, S.; Miles, T.; Thompson, P.; Nordstrom, M.
2002A simple and inexpensive system for monitoring jaw movements in ambulatory humansFlavel, S.; Nordstrom, M.; Miles, T.
2000Molulation of stretch-evoked reflexes in single motor units in human masseter muscle by experimental painSvensson, P.; Miles, T.; Graven-Nielsen, T.; Arendt-Nielsen, L.
2002Stability of maps of human motor cortex made with transcranial magnetic stimulationUy, J.; Ridding, M.; Miles, T.
2001Changes in corticomotor representations induced by prolonged peripheral nerve stimulation in humansRidding, M.; McKay, D.; Thompson, P.; Miles, T.
2002Dexterity is not affected by fatigue-induced depression of human motor cortex excitabilityCole, J.; Ridding, M.; Miles, T.
2000Changes in muscle responses to stimulation of the motor cortex induced by peripheral nerve stimulation in human subjectsRidding, M.; Brouwer, B.; Miles, T.; Pitcher, J.; Thompson, P.