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20121,4-Di-tert-butyl (2R,3R)-2-({(2E)-3-[4(acetyloxy)phenyl]prop-2-enoyl}oxy)-3hydroxybutanedioateHixson, J.; Taylor, D.; Ng, S.; Tiekink, E.
1998The 1997 CRCV National Vineyard Fruit Composition Survey - ShirazFrancis, I.; Armstrong, H.; Cynkar, W.; Kwiatkowski, M.; Iland, P.; Williams, P.
2001Ability of lactic acid bacteria to produce N-heterocycles causing mousy off-flavour in wineCostello, Peter J.; Lee, T. H.; Henschke, Paul A.
2001Absorption of 2,4,6-trichloroanisole by wine corks via the vapour phase in an enclosed environmentBarker, D.; Capone, D.; Pollnitz, A.; McLean, H.; Francis, I.; Oakey, H.; Sefton, M.
1995Acacias as potted plantsParletta, M.; Sedgley, Margaret
1996Acacias as potted plantsParletta, M. A.; Sedgley, Margaret
1998Acacias, Cut Flowers & FoliageSedgley, Margaret; Horlock, F.
2001Acceleration of the drying rates of paprika fruit with drying oil and cuttingKrajayklang, M.; Klieber, A.; Dry, P.
2000Accumulation of proline analogues and adaptation of Melaleuca species to diverse environments in AustraliaNaidu, B.; Paleg, L.; Jones, G.
1997Accumulation of vanillin during barrel-aging of white, red, and model wines.Spillman, P.; Pollnitz, A.; Liacopoulos, D.; Skouroumounis, G.; Sefton, M.
1998Accumulation of volatile oak compounds in a model wine stored in American and Limousin oak barrelsSpillman, P.; Iland, P.; Sefton, M.
1999Adventitious root formation in Acacia baileyana F. MuellSchwarz, J. L.; Glocke, Pauline Lesley; Sedgley, Margaret
1995Affinity purification, overexpression, and characterization of chaperonin 10 homologues synthesized with and without N-terminal acetylationRyan, Michael T.; Naylor, Dean J.; Hoogenraad, Nicholas J.; Hoj, Peter Bordier
1995Affinity-purification and identification of GrpE homologues from mammalian mitochondriaNaylor, D. J.; Ryan, Michael T.; Condron, R.; Hoogenraad, Nicholas J.; Hoj, Peter Bordier
2001Aflatoxin contamination and its management in chilli and paprika products in AustraliaKlieber, Andreas
2002Almond breeding in AustraliaWirthensohn, M.; Sedgley, M.
1996Amounts of glycosides in grapevine organs during berry developmentGholami, Mansour; Coombe, B. G.; Robinson, Simon P.; Williams, P. J.
2002Analysis of pigmented polymers in red wine by reverse phase HPLCPeng, Z.; Iland, P.; Oberholster, A.; Sefton, M.; Waters, E.
2001Analysis of proanthocyanidin cleavage products following acid-catalysis in the presence of excess phloroglucinolKennedy, J.; Jones, G.
1998Anatomical characteristics affecting the musical performance of clarinet reeds made from Arundo donax L. (Gramineae)Kolesik, Peter; Mills, A.; Sedgley, Margaret