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Type: Journal article
Title: Highly efficient and stable negative electrode for asymmetric supercapacitors based on graphene/FeCo₂O₄ nanocomposite hybrid material
Other Titles: Highly efficient and stable negative electrode for asymmetric supercapacitors based on graphene/FeCo(2)O(4) nanocomposite hybrid material
Author: Chodankar, N.
Dubal, D.
Ji, S.
Kim, D.
Citation: Electrochimica Acta, 2019; 295:195-203
Publisher: Elsevier
Issue Date: 2019
ISSN: 0013-4686
Statement of
Nilesh R. Chodankar, Deepak P. Dubal, Su-Hyeon Ji, Do-Heyoung Kim
Abstract: The integration of two-dimensional (2D) reduced graphene oxide (rGO) and binary metal oxide in a single electrode for asymmetric supercapacitors (ASC) is promising for overcoming the challenges driven by increasing energy-storage demands. In present work, we proposed a novel rGO/FeCo₂O₄ hybrid electrode as a negative electrode for asymmetric supercapacitors (ASC). Briefly, we engineered 3-dimensional nanocomposite materials by decorating FeCo₂O₄ nanoparticles on rGO nanosheets using facile strategy. Owing to the strong chemical bonding between the FeCo₂O₄ nanoparticles and rGO nanosheets, as-prepared rGO/FeCo₂O₄ hybrid electrode shows an ultrahigh specific capacitance of 1710 F/g on the negative potential side. Later, asymmetric supercapacitor was assembled using MnO₂ nanowires as positive electrode and rGO/FeCo₂O₄ hybrid as negative electrode, respectively. The proposed device achieved a maximum specific capacitance of 260 F/g with a specific energy of 67.5 Wh/kg and exhibited excellent cycling performance (96.02% capacity retention after 5000 cycles). Thus, the proposed design of the high-energy ASC is promising for next-generation energy-storage devices being developed for modern consumer applications.
Keywords: Hybrid electrode; asymmetric supercapacitor; negative electrode; ultrahigh energy density
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RMID: 0030103085
DOI: 10.1016/j.electacta.2018.10.125
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