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Type: Journal article
Title: Combining random microseed matrix screening and the magic triangle for the efficient structure solution of a potential lysin from bacteriophage P68
Author: Truong, J.Q.
Panjikar, S.
Shearwin-Whyatt, L.
Bruning, J.B.
Shearwin, K.E.
Citation: Acta crystallographica Section D. Structural biology, 2019; 75(7):670-681
Publisher: Wiley
Issue Date: 2019
ISSN: 2059-7983
Statement of
Jia Quyen Truong, Santosh Panjikar, Linda Shearwin-Whyatt, John B. Bruning and Keith E. Shearwin
Abstract: Two commonly encountered bottlenecks in the structure determination of a protein by X-ray crystallography are screening for conditions that give high-quality crystals and, in the case of novel structures, finding derivatization conditions for experimental phasing. In this study, the phasing molecule 5-amino-2,4,6-triiodoisophthalic acid (I3C) was added to a random microseed matrix screen to generate high-quality crystals derivatized with I3C in a single optimization experiment. I3C, often referred to as the magic triangle, contains an aromatic ring scaffold with three bound I atoms. This approach was applied to efficiently phase the structures of hen egg-white lysozyme and the N-terminal domain of the Orf11 protein from Staphylococcus phage P68 (Orf11 NTD) using SAD phasing. The structure of Orf11 NTD suggests that it may play a role as a virion-associated lysin or endolysin.
Keywords: I3C; crystallography; lysin; magic triangle; phasing; random microseed matrix screening; seeding
Rights: © The Authors. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) Licence, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original authors and source are cited.
RMID: 0030120463
DOI: 10.1107/s2059798319009008
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