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dc.description.abstractMaude's notes on the Labour Trade, Hawaiian-Fiji relations, Native Laws, Naval Matters, Biographical data and Western Pacific High Commission, from WPHC Archives and other sources.-
dc.subject.otherBlackbirding, native laws, indentured labour, slavery, abduction, Hawaii, Fiji, Gilbert Islands, Kiribati, Western Pacific High Commission, Samoa, native laws, Royal Navy, Louis Becke, Robert Louis Stevenson, Bully Hayes, biographies-
dc.titlePart II/1 Group "A": 3. Subject filings (1): from Western Pacific High Commission Archives & other sources. Labour Trade, Hawaiian-Fiji relations, Western Pacific High Commission (General), Native Laws: Central Pacific Islands, Naval Matters (General), Biographical Data (by person).en
dc.identifier.callnumMSS 0003-
Appears in Collections:Part II/1 Group "A": Manuscript and Typescript notes

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