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dc.contributor.authorMcCarron, A.-
dc.contributor.authorDonnelley, M.-
dc.contributor.authorMcIntyre, C.-
dc.contributor.authorParsons, D.-
dc.identifier.citationHuman Gene Therapy, 2019; 30(3):93-101-
dc.description.abstractScalable lentiviral vector (LV) manufacturing is vital for successful commercialization of LV-based gene and cell therapy products. Accordingly, efforts are currently focused on developing and adapting technologies to address both upstream and downstream production bottlenecks. To overcome the limitations of current upstream processes, researchers are now favoring the use of bioreactors over traditional two-dimensional culture platforms. Bioreactors provide many advantages for manufacturing biomolecules, including process automation, tight regulation of production conditions, reduced labor input, and higher productivity potential. This study describes a transient LV production strategy employing a single-use, packed-bed bioreactor vessel. Functional LV titers in the 10⁶ TU/mL range were achieved, and after concentration yields of up to 10⁹ TU/mL were attained. This proof of principle study demonstrates that LV can be successfully produced in a packed-bed system. With further optimization, a packed-bed bioreactor could offer a potential scale-out solution for LV manufacturing.-
dc.description.statementofresponsibilityAlexandra McCarron, Martin Donnelley, Chantelle McIntyre, and David Parsons-
dc.publisherMary Ann Liebert, Inc.-
dc.rights© 2019 by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.-
dc.subjectLentiviral vector; packed-bed bioreactor; Fibra-Cel® disks; transient transfection; HEK 293T-
dc.titleTransient lentiviral vector production using a packed-bed bioreactor system-
dc.typeJournal article-
dc.identifier.orcidDonnelley, M. [0000-0002-5320-7756]-
dc.identifier.orcidParsons, D. [0000-0003-1746-3290]-
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