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Type: Thesis
Title: Organizational Sustainability in the Chinese Context – the Role of Cultural Wisdom, Management Perception, and Small Stories
Author: Ouyang, Lulu
Issue Date: 2019
School/Discipline: Business School
Abstract: This study explores the dynamics of a shift towards organizational sustainability in China by exploring managerial perceptions of sustainability. It examines how managers perceive organizational sustainability, and what connections there are between these perceptions and action. In contrast to the more typical, top-down/legislative-driven orientation, this study suggests the prospect of facilitating the shift towards organizational sustainability via a bottom-up/inside-out approach. Even in an increasingly globalised business environment, the value of a localised focus and tradition is a potentially powerful driver of meaningful change. Paper 1 investigates whether the idea of organizational sustainability exists on the collective cultural-cognitive level in a local context. It seeks to make a circle of connections: from sustainability to systems thinking; from systems thinking to systems awareness; from systems awareness to Daoism; and from Daoism to sustainability. Among these links, Daoism to sustainability is the central thrust of the article, and is explored as an example of how cultural-cognitive elements are linked to organizational sustainability. This paper asks whether that provides chances to facilitate a new paradigm shift towards organizational sustainability, which is characterised by complexity and systems thinking elements. Paper 2 seeks a way to explore the underlying assumptions, value systems, i.e. the cultural-cognitive dimension explored in paper 1 via ‘small stories’, at the level of individuals. It addresses the methodological challenges inherent in illuminating managerial perception of organizational sustainability. It emphasises the
Advisor: Wells, Sam
Smith, Chris
Dissertation Note: Thesis (Ph.D.) -- University of Adelaide, Business School, 2020
Keywords: Organizational sustainability
managerial perception
qualitative interview
small story
traditional wisdom
Provenance: This thesis is currently under Embargo and not available.
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