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Type: Journal article
Title: An integrated approach to determining 4D stress development at Castle Cove
Author: Burgin, H.
Amrouch, K.
Robion, P.
Kulikowski, D.
Citation: The APPEA Journal, 2019; 59(1):410-425
Publisher: Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association
Issue Date: 2019
ISSN: 1326-4966
Statement of
Hugo B. Burgin, Khalid Amrouch, Philippe Robion and David Kulikowski
Abstract: Models for basin evolution and natural fracture development often contain many uncertainties. Multiscale approaches to structural analysis assist in reducing these by providing checkpoints for structural evolution to better constrain the development of paleostress phases through time. In this study, we integrate the analysis of calcite twins, magnetic fabrics, stylolites and natural fractures at Castle Cove in the eastern Otway Basin, producing a five-phase model for stress evolution consisting of: phase 1 ~NW–SE Mid-Cretaceous strike-slip or compression; phases 2 and 3 Late Cretaceous extension, coinciding with the development of ~NW–SE and ~NE–SW striking extensional fracture sets; phase 4 ~NE–SW strike-slip and compression, representing an enigmatic period of stress evolution with respect to the current understanding of the Otway Basin; and phase 5, present day ~NW–SE strike-slip stress. The results contribute to a 4D structural history construction for the eastern Otway Basin and suggest that the evolution of the region may require reassessing in order to determine the timing and nature of the detected ~NE–SW oriented compressional event. This study also demonstrates how the use of a calcite stress inversion technique can assist in providing mechanical checkpoints for the evolution of complex natural fracture networks, which can easily be expanded within the sub-surface.
Keywords: Calcite; fracture; Otway Basin; paleostress; tectonic
Rights: Journal compilation © APPEA 2019
RMID: 1000020888
DOI: 10.1071/AJ18173
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