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Type: Journal article
Title: Phosphorylation by Aurora B kinase regulates caspase-2 activity and function.
Author: Lim, Y.
De Bellis, D.
Sandow, J.J.
Capalbo, L.
D'Avino, P.P.
Murphy, J.M.
Webb, A.I.
Dorstyn, L.
Kumar, S.
Citation: Cell Death and Differentiation, 2021; 28(1):349-366
Publisher: Springer Nature
Issue Date: 2021
ISSN: 1350-9047
Statement of
Yoon Lim, Dylan De Bellis, Jarrod J. Sandow, Luisa Capalbo, Pier Paolo D’Avino, James M. Murphy ... Sharad Kumar ... et al.
Abstract: Mitotic catastrophe (MC) is an important oncosuppressive mechanism that serves to eliminate cells that become polyploid or aneuploid due to aberrant mitosis. Previous studies have demonstrated that the activation and catalytic function of caspase-2 are key steps in MC to trigger apoptosis and/or cell cycle arrest of mitotically defective cells. However, the molecular mechanisms that regulate caspase-2 activation and its function are unclear. Here, we identify six new phosphorylation sites in caspase-2 and show that a key mitotic kinase, Aurora B kinase (AURKB), phosphorylates caspase-2 at the highly conserved residue S384. We demonstrate that phosphorylation at S384 blocks caspase-2 catalytic activity and apoptosis function in response to mitotic insults, without affecting caspase-2 dimerisation. Moreover, molecular modelling suggests that phosphorylation at S384 may affect substrate binding by caspase-2. We propose that caspase-2 S384 phosphorylation by AURKB is a key mechanism that controls caspase-2 activation during mitosis.
Description: Accepted: 5 August 2020
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DOI: 10.1038/s41418-020-00604-y
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