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Type: Thesis
Title: Thematicity and Informational Focus in English to Mandarin Translation: Maintaining Textual Equivalence
Author: Teng, Wei
Issue Date: 2005
School/Discipline: School of Humanities : Linguistics
Abstract: This study is concerned with what Systemic Functional Linguistics (e.g. Halliday 1994) terms the systems of Theme/Rheme and Given/New. It provides a small scale exploration of the degree to which equivalence i n these two systems is maintained under English to Mandarin translation. As well, it pays close attention to the two English structures known as Theme Predication and T heme Identification due to their associat ion with the expression of exclusiveness . This expression attributes the conflation of Theme with New rather than with Given, th e usual state of affairs. As a consequence, they pose certain challenges for Mandarin to English translation. T his paper offers the following key findings. F irstly, thematic a nd informational equivalence is usually, but not universally maintained under English to Mandarin translation. S ome discussion is provided of why such breakdowns occasionally occur. S econdly, while Theme Predication and Theme Identification do pose some problems for translation, t he mechanisms employed by the translators to achieve the textual equivalence will be described, with discussion how they are both similar to and different from English original. S pecial attention paid to the expression of exclusi veness demonstrates t hat, while in English this expression is conveyed via particular word orderings, in Mandarin it is conveyed via the use of certain adverbs. Despite its necessity only of a limited nature, this study is expected to serve as the commence ment of researches on exploring the significance of textual meaning in translation, as well as on exploring other possible elements in Mandarin related to text structuring meaning.
Dissertation Note: Thesis (M.A.) -- University of Adelaide, School of Humanities, 2005
Keywords: Textual equivalence
Theme predication
Theme identification
Thematic structure
Informational structure
Description: Coursework
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