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Type: Journal article
Title: Evolution and correlation of cis-2-methyl-4-propyl-1,3-oxathiane, varietal thiols, and acetaldehyde during fermentation of sauvignon blanc Juice
Author: Wang, X.
Chen, L.
Capone, D.L.
Roland, A.
Jeffery, D.W.
Citation: Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2020; 68(32):8676-8687
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Issue Date: 2020
ISSN: 0021-8561
Statement of
Xingchen Wang, Liang Chen, Dimitra L. Capone, Aurélie Roland and David W. Jeffery
Abstract: cis-2-Methyl-4-propyl-1,3-oxathiane (cis-2-MPO) was recently identified in wine and proposed to arise from the reaction of 3-sulfanylhexan-1-ol (3-SH) and acetaldehyde. However, the evolution profile of cis-2-MPO during alcoholic fermentation (AF) and storage and its relationship with varietal thiols and acetaldehyde production were unknown. These aspects were investigated by fermenting Sauvignon blanc juice with J7 and/or VIN13 yeast strains and assessing the stability of cis-2-MPO during wine storage. Moderate to strong Pearson correlations verified similar evolution trends between acetaldehyde, 3-sulfanylhexyl acetate, and cis-2-MPO, with initial increases and a peak during the early to middle stages of AF before consecutive decreases until the end. Contrarily, 3-SH correlated moderately only at the end of AF. A consistent decrease observed for cis-2-MPO when spiked into Sauvignon blanc wine and assessed during 1-year storage revealed its general instability, but acetaldehyde addition (100 mg/L), pH 3.0, and storage at 4 °C all appeared to retain cis-2-MPO. These results have implications for wine aroma and the potential for cis-2-MPO to act as a sink (or source) for 3-SH in wine over time.
Keywords: 3-sulfanylhexan-1-ol
3-sulfanylhexyl acetate
Vitis vinifera
stable isotope dilution assay
thiol precursors
wine aroma
Rights: © 2020 American Chemical Society
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jafc.0c03183
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