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Type: Thesis
Title: Singing the Beat: The Application of Melodic Drumming Approaches in a Contemporary Small Jazz Ensemble
Author: Baldwin, Joshua
Issue Date: 2020
School/Discipline: Elder Conservatorium of Music
Abstract: This practice-based research project has investigated the different melodic approaches developed by selected jazz drummers as both soloists and accompanists, with the ultimate aim of incorporating these concepts into my own performance in a recital setting. I chose four drummers as the focus of this project: Max Roach, Roy Haynes, Bill Stewart and Ari Hoenig. Through transcription and analysis of recordings, I identified and classified the melodic concepts used by each drummer. Specific exercises were then composed for each melodic concept as a tool to aid their integration into my own playing. I practiced these exercises both in a small ensemble setting and independently, maintaining a sonic diary for each session. Reflecting on the successes and failures of each exercise helped guide the development of future exercises in an iterative process. The project has culminated in two one-hour recorded recital performances in which I led various small ensemble settings, and an exegesis.
Advisor: Dowdall, Peter
Carroll, Mark
Dissertation Note: Thesis (MPhil) -- University of Adelaide, Elder Conservatorium of Music, 2020
Keywords: Melodic drumming
jazz drumming
music performance
drum soloing
drum accompanying
Description: Part A: Sound recordings -- Part B: Exegesis
Provenance: This electronic version is made publicly available by the University of Adelaide in accordance with its open access policy for student theses. Copyright in this thesis remains with the author. This thesis may incorporate third party material which has been used by the author pursuant to Fair Dealing exceptions. If you are the owner of any included third party copyright material you wish to be removed from this electronic version, please complete the take down form located at:
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Baldwin2020_MPhil.pdfPart B: Exegesis2.54 MBAdobe PDFView/Open
CD 1 1. Milestones.WAVPart A: Sound recordings106.31 MBWAVView/Open
CD 1 2. Tenderly.WAVPart A: Sound recordings102.94 MBWAVView/Open
CD 1 3. Monk's Dream.WAVPart A: Sound recordings117.28 MBWAVView/Open
CD 1 4. My Little Suede Shoes.WAVPart A: Sound recordings107.16 MBWAVView/Open
CD 1 5. Relaxin' at Camarillo.WAVPart A: Sound recordings126.7 MBWAVView/Open
CD 1 6. Chelsea Bridge.WAVPart A: Sound recordings133.17 MBWAVView/Open
CD 1 7. Nostalgia in Times Square.WAVPart A: Sound recordings125.02 MBWAVView/Open
CD 1 8. Nica's Dream.WAVPart A: Sound recordings155.53 MBWAVView/Open
CD 2 1. Safety Land.WAVPart A: Sound recordings62.26 MBWAVView/Open
CD 2 2. Child's Play.WAVPart A: Sound recordings78.11 MBWAVView/Open
CD 2 3. Jacky's Place.WAVPart A: Sound recordings62.13 MBWAVView/Open
CD 2 4. Plain Song.WAVPart A: Sound recordings64.74 MBWAVView/Open
CD 2 5. O Solitude.WAVPart A: Sound recordings67.63 MBWAVView/Open
CD 2 6. Iverson's Odyssey.WAVPart A: Sound recordings80.54 MBWAVView/Open
CD 2 7. Joy of a Toy.WAVPart A: Sound recordings89.69 MBWAVView/Open
CD 2 8. Unanimity.WAVPart A: Sound recordings86.62 MBWAVView/Open

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