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dc.contributor.authorStöcker, P.-
dc.contributor.authorBalázs, C.-
dc.contributor.authorBloor, S.-
dc.contributor.authorBringmann, T.-
dc.contributor.authorGonzalo, T.E.-
dc.contributor.authorHandley, W.-
dc.contributor.authorHotinli, S.-
dc.contributor.authorHowlett, C.-
dc.contributor.authorKahlhoefer, F.-
dc.contributor.authorRenk, J.J.-
dc.contributor.authorScott, P.-
dc.contributor.authorVincent, A.C.-
dc.contributor.authorWhite, M.-
dc.identifier.citationPhysical Review D, 2021; 103(12):123508-1-123508-9-
dc.description.abstractWe determine the upper limit on the mass of the lightest neutrino from the most robust recent cosmological and terrestrial data. Marginalizing over possible effective relativistic degrees of freedom at early times ((N)(eff)) and assuming normal mass ordering, the mass of the lightest neutrino is less than 0.037 eV at 95% confidence; with inverted ordering, the bound is 0.042 eV. These results improve upon the strength and robustness of other recent limits and constrain the mass of the lightest neutrino to be barely larger than the largest mass splitting. We show the impacts of realistic mass models and different sources of (N)(eff).-
dc.description.statementofresponsibilityPatrick Stöcker, Csaba Balázs, Sanjay Bloor, Torsten Bringmann, Tomás E. Gonzalo, Will Handley, Selim Hotinli, Cullan Howlett, Felix Kahlhoefer, Janina J. Renk, Pat Scott, Aaron C. Vincent, and Martin White (The GAMBIT Cosmology Workgroup).-
dc.publisherAmerican Physical Society (APS)-
dc.rights© 2021 American Physical Society-
dc.titleStrengthening the bound on the mass of the lightest neutrino with terrestrial and cosmological experiments-
dc.typeJournal article-
dc.identifier.orcidWhite, M. [0000-0001-5474-4580]-
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