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dc.contributor.authorSetchell, B.-
dc.identifier.citationReproduction, 1995; 104(1):17-26-
dc.description.abstractThe long-term effects of active immunization against testosterone were studied in rams, with particular reference to blood concentrations of gonadotrophin and testosterone, spermatogenesis, testis blood flow and mating behaviour. Ten 18-month-old Merino rams, kept on pasture, were studied for 1 year. Every 2 months, five rams received injections of BSA in Freund's adjuvant and five other rams were treated with testosterone-3(o-carboxymethyl)oxime-BSA as immunogen. Anti-testosterone antibodies (mean titre: 1:4484 +/- 582, after boosters) were maintained in the circulation, with the help of regular booster injections. In time, immunization reduced live mass in testosterone-immunized rams; however, there was no effect on testicular volume throughout the whole study. In testosterone-immunized rams, significantly higher concentrations of gonadotrophins were found in jugular venous plasma, as well as increased concentrations of total plasma testosterone. LH pulse frequency, amplitude and nadir were increased significantly in testosterone-immunized rams. After 12 months of immunization, no differences were found in the number of spermatozoa per ejaculate, in daily sperm production or in testis mass between the two groups of rams; however, testicular blood flow (per testis) and epididymis mass were significantly reduced in testosterone-immunized rams. Testosterone immuno-neutralization also resulted in a significant reduction in the number of mounts culminating in ejaculation performed during a 10 min trial carried out on a number of occasions during the experiment. Additional information on these rams was collected 3 months after castration. However, there were no significant differences in mean plasma LH and FSH concentrations, either before, or after, a single GnRH injection between the two groups of rams at this time.-
dc.publisherBlackwell Scientific Publications-
dc.subjectGonadotropins, Pituitary-
dc.subjectFollicle Stimulating Hormone-
dc.subjectLuteinizing Hormone-
dc.subjectRegional Blood Flow-
dc.subjectTime Factors-
dc.subjectSexual Behavior, Animal-
dc.titleEffect of active immunization against testosterone on plasma gonadotrophin concentrations, spermatogenic function, testicular blood flow epididymis mass and mating behaviour in adult rams-
dc.typeJournal article-
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