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20193D meteoroid trajectoriesSansom, E.; Jansen-Sturgeon, T.; Rutten, M.G.; Devillepoix, H.; Bland, P.; Howie, R.; Cox, M.; Towner, M.; Cupák, M.; Hartig, B.
2019Single-grain TT-OSL bleaching characteristics: insights from modern analogues and OSL dating comparisonsArnold, L.; Demuro, M.; Spooner, N.; Prideaux, G.; McDowell, M.; Camens, A.; Reed, E.; Pares, J.; Arsuaga, J.; Bermudez de Castro, J.; Carbonell, E.
2019Australian hydroclimate during Marine Isotope Stage 3: a synthesis and reviewKemp, C.; Tibby, J.; Arnold, L.; Barr, C.
2019Mineralogical, textural, sulfur and lead isotope constraints on the origin of Ag-Pb-Zn mineralization at Bianjiadayuan, Inner Mongolia, NE ChinaZhai, D.; Liu, J.; Cook, N.; Wang, X.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, A.; Jiao, Y.
2019Late Carboniferous–early Permian arc magmatism in the southwestern Alxa Tectonic Belt (NW China): constraints on the late Paleozoic subduction history of the Paleo-Asian OceanSong, D.; Xiao, W.; Collins, A.; Glorie, S.M.; Han, C.
2019Detrital zircon U-Pb and Hf isotope characteristics of the Early Neoproterozoic successions in the central-western Korean Peninsula: implication for the Precambrian tectonic history of East AsiaWon Kim, S.; Kwon, S.; Santosh, M.; Cho, D.; Kee, W.; Lee, S.; Jeong, Y.
2019Geochronology and geochemistry of the Neoarchean Lulong Complex in the eastern Hebei Province, North China Craton: implications on regional crustal evolutionWang, W.; Liu, F.; Ji, L.; Santosh, M.
2019Geochemical and isotopic imprints of early cretaceous mafic and felsic dyke suites track lithosphere-asthenosphere interaction and craton destruction in the North China CratonXue, F.; Santosh, M.; Tsunogae, T.; Yang, F.
2019Defining IOCG signatures through compositional data analysis: a case study of lithogeochemical zoning from the Olympic Dam deposit, South AustraliaDmitrijeva, M.; Ehrig, K.; Ciobanu, C.; Cook, N.; Verdugo-Ihl, M.R.; Metcalfe, A.
2019A multi-technique evaluation of hydrothermal hematite U—Pb isotope systematics: implications for ore deposit geochronologyCourtney-Davies, L.; Tapster, S.; Ciobanu, C.; Cook, N.; Verdugo-Ihl, M.; Ehrig, K.; Kennedy, A.; Gilbert, S.; Condon, D.; Wade, B.
2019Mapping the Gawler Craton-Musgrave Province interface using integrated heat flow and magnetotelluricsPollett, A.; Thiel, S.; Bendall, B.; Raimondo, T.; Hand, M.
2019Geochemistry and zircon U-Pb geochronology of the oxidaban intrusive complex: Implication for Paleozoic tectonic evolution of the South Tianshan Orogenic Belt, ChinaKong, W.; Zhang, Z.; Huang, H.; Cheng, Z.; Santosh, M.
2019Effect of physical and biogeochemical factors on placer gold transformation in mountainous landscapes of SwitzerlandRea, M.; Wulser, P.; Brugger, J.; Etschmann, B.; Bissett, A.; Shuster, J.; Reith, F.
2019Monazite as a monitor for melt-rock interaction during cooling and exhumationPrent, A.; Beinlich, A.; Morrissey, L.; Raimondo, T.; Clark, C.; Putnis, A.
2019A giant species of trilobite inhabited Australian waters half a billion years agoHolmes, J.D.; Garcia-Bellido, D.; Paterson, J.R.
2019Possible freshwater dinoflagellate cysts and colonial algae from the Upper Jurassic strata of the Surat Basin, AustraliaWainman, C.; Mantle, D.; Hannaford, C.; McCabe, P.
2019Heterogeneity and incorporation of chromium isotopes in recent marine molluscs (Mytilus)Bruggmann, S.; Klaebe, R.M.; Paulukat, C.; Frei, R.
2019The origin of the ultramafic rocks of the Tulu Dimtu Belt, western Ethiopia - do they represent remnants of the Mozambique Ocean?Blades, M.; Foden, J.; Collins, A.; Alemu, T.; Woldetinsae, G.
2019Age, origin and palaeogeography of the Southern Irumide Belt, ZambiaAlessio, B.L.; Collins, A.S.; Clark, C.; Glorie, S.M.; Siegfried, P.; Taylor, R.
2019Crystal chemistry of titanite from the Roxby Downs Granite, South Australia: insights into petrogenesis, subsolidus evolution and hydrothermal alterationKontonikas-Charos, A.; Ehrig, K.; Cook, N.; Ciobanu, C.