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2019The origin of the ultramafic rocks of the Tulu Dimtu Belt, western Ethiopia - do they represent remnants of the Mozambique Ocean?Blades, M.; Foden, J.; Collins, A.; Alemu, T.; Woldetinsae, G.
1996Pb-Pb zircon evaporation date for the Charleston Granite, South Australia: Comparisons with other Zircon Geochronology techniquesDougherty-Page, J.; Foden, J.
2007Billeroo North alkaline magmatic complex: geology and economic significanceRutherford, L.; Burtt, A.; Hatch, K.; Hand, M.; Foden, J.
2007Geochemical variability within the lithospheric mantle beneath the Adelaide Fold Belt, South AustraliaTappert, R.; Foden, J.; Wills, K.; Goryniuk, M.
1995Structural control and genesis of barite veins in the Adelaide Fold Belt, South AustraliaBoth, R.; Mendis, D.; Foden, J.; James, P.
1995Metamorphic events in the eastern Arunta Inlier, Part 2.Nd---Sr---Ar isotopic constraintsFoden, J.; Mawby, J.
1995Some causes and consequences of high-temperature, low-pressure metamorphism in the eastern Mt Lofty Ranges, South AustraliaSandiford, M.; Fraser, G.; Arnold, J.; Foden, J.; Farrow, T.
1999U-Pb ages from the Harts Range, central Australia: evidence for Early Ordovician extension and constraints on Carboniferous metamorphismHand, M.; Mawby, J.; Kinny, P.; Foden, J.
2002Origin of geochemical variability by arc-continent collision in the Biru area, southern Sulawesi (Indonesia)Elburg, M.; Van Leeuwen, T.; Foden, J.; Muhardjo
1999Sm-Nd evidence for high grade Ordovician metamorphism in the Arunta Block, Central AustraliaMawby, J.; Hand, M.; Foden, J.